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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | McLaren Complete Pirelli 18" Tyre Test

    McLaren drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have had the opportunity to sample the 2021 18-inch Pirelli tyres for the first time at Paul Ricard. As the Italian tyre manufacturer continue to develop their new 2021 specification 18-inch Formula One tyre, Thursday and Friday of last week would...
  2. Eli4Three

    Universal Helmet 1.0

    Universal Lando Norris Helmet, without numbers and sponsors :D
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Ask Lando: Submit Your Questions to Lando Norris Here

    'The Big Interview' is back - this time with sim racing star and rookie Formula One sensation, Lando Norris. Having had a stellar career in junior formulae, Lando Norris has taken the Formula One world by storm during his debut season with McLaren, producing some exceptional performances in...
  4. Aitze

    Lando Norris' helmet for 2019 Italian GP 1.0

    Lando Norris' helmet for 2019 Italian GP You can use this for your own mods/videos as long as I get credited. If you have any problems, post them to support tab or message me at twitter, not to reviews, thank you.
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    (Fer)Lando Norris Outstanding For McLaren in Bahrain

    Living up to the hype in fine style, Lando Norris produced an exceptional performance in Bahrain on his way to a very impressive points finish for McLaren. Norris had something of a difficult end to his 2018 Formula Two season, losing a championship that many thought was his to win at the...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Super Rookie Norris Impresses in Australia

    Lando Norris impressed many with his first ever Formula One qualifying - lining up in eighth position for his debut Formula One start tomorrow. Moving up from a strong F2 campaign that saw the British sim racing fan finish second to Williams rival George Russell, expectations of carrying...
  7. H

    McLaren MCL34 livery for 650S GT3 1.0

    Third and final F1 livery for GT3. Same drill as before: #55 with Blancpain number plates, #4 with F1 style numbers. 4K and 2K. I've also made two other 2019 F1 skins for GT3, other two here and here
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Sim Racing Will Help Me in F1 - Lando Norris

    Lando Norris believes his substantial sim racing experience will help him in his debut season of Formula One this year. A keen gamer and regular streamer of his sim racing exploits, new McLaren Formula One driver Lando Norris believes his time behind the virtual wheel will help in his quest to...
  9. Neasty

    Lando Norris 2019 Helmet 1.1

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2019 Car Launch: McLaren Renault MCL34

    A fresh start for McLaren in 2019 starts here - introducing the Renault powered MCL34. Today in Woking the McLaren team unveiled their brand new challenger for the 2019 season - the MCL34. Powered by Renault for the second season in the row, 2019 has to be seen as a big year for the once...
  11. Rogerson Roller

    Mclaren Renault MP4-34B - 2019 - Lando Norris - Formula Hybrid Assetto Corsa - PC 1.0

    Partially metallic and partially matte. Install: Extract and copy the folder ''Mclaren_MP4-34B'' to the directory where the game is installed, in my case it is here: C: \ Program Files \ steam \ steamapps \ Assetto Corsa \ content \ cars \ rss_formula_hybrid_2018 \ skins. Mclaren Renault...
  12. Noy

    McLaren 650S GT3 - McLaren F1 2018 (MCL33) inspired livery 1.1

    A simple livery I made based on the current Papaya McLaren F1 MCL33. Feedback is welcome ! Enjoy ! Update 1.1 : Sightly resized some logos Replace some logos with their higher resolution counterpart Added back the carbon fiber effect on the aero bits Added a lighter, sightly lower resolution...
  13. Neasty

    Lando Norris 2018 Mclaren F1 Helmet (For Career Mod !) 2018-10-13

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Lando Norris Confirmed at McLaren in 2019.

    McLaren Renault make surprise move to promote British youngster Lando Norris to race team role from next season. Norris, 18, is currently competing for the 2018 Formula 2 title with Carlin Motorsport and is a long time McLaren junior driver. Having achieved some impressive drives this season in...
  15. Neasty

    Lando Norris 2018 F2 Helmet Final

    Lando Norris F2 helmet hope you like it ^^
  16. ConectiON

    Lando Norris 2017 McLaren Helmet Final

    Lando Norris 2017 McLaren Helmet Today i finally finished this helmet, it was bit hard for me to make it, but I think it looks pretty cool. I improved design and colors. This is Final Version, if you want some helmet to make just write it to me , and I will try to make it. Hope you will like it...
  17. ConectiON

    Lando Norris 2017/18 McLaren Helmet 2017-12-25

    Lando Norris 2017/18 McLaren Helmet Hi, I'm just started with modding about month ago. Today I was bored so I made helmet of Lando Norris. It's still have some mistakes, but this is my first mod which I'm posting here, but I'll try to make updates as soon as possible. It's little bit messy in...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Giovinazzi to Drive Haas F1 in Selected FP1 Sessions, Norris to Try 2011 McLaren

    Sauber super sub and Ferrari third driver Antonio Giovinazzi will be getting more track time in Formula One this season, with a deal to take part in seven FP1 sessions for Haas F1 recently completed. Following his up and down Grand Prix debut stepping in for the injured Pascal Wehrlein at...
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