lando norris

  1. Timonike44

    Daniel Ricciardo McLaren MCL35M Livery 0.1

    After seeing the new McLaren F1 MCL35M reveal, I decided to try my hand at recreating the livery for Assetto Corsa using the McLaren MCL35 Chassis! I really tried my best with this livery, but unfortunately the car uses a strange and confusing livery mechanic, and combined with my limited...
  2. Marco17_ok

    Formula Hybrid 2020 | McLaren MCL35M Skin 1.1

    Formula Hybrid 2020 | McLaren MCL35M 2021 Skin If you have problems or find errors report them in the support section. Tyres by: @davewilliams000 Buy the car here: Some logos may be in wrong position or wrong size because of the different shapes of the car.
  3. Ferrari2016

    Formula Hybrid 2020| McLaren MCL35M V1.00

    Welcome to a work in progress 2021 Mclaren MCL35M Livery for the Formula Hybrid 2020. Massive shout to Marco17_ok. His work on the 2020 Mclaren MCL35 has been a great inspiration & reference point for my efforts on this livery! Small references for sponsor placement & sponsor texture have been...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    BREAKING | McLaren Reveal MCL35M 2021 F1 Car

    McLaren Racing become the first team to reveal their 2021 Formula One challenger this evening - displaying their MCL35M via a livestreamed event at the impressive MTC in Woking. Returning to Mercedes power for the first time since the conclusion of the 2013 Formula One season, this year looks...
  5. Aarav Amin

    Team Quadrant MyTeam Livery 1

    Team Quadrant livery for F1 2020 MyTeam made by myself with Official team brand guidelines from Quadrant. To install manually, use the ERP Archiver and replace d and s files from the Racenet livery with the ones in the folder. Custom numbers NOT included.
  6. Akibek_

    Team Quadrant F1 2022 livery 1

    Team Quadrant skin for forula hybrid x 2022 by RSS
  7. Matix

    Praga R1 | A Better Tomorrow 1.0

    Hello! Let me hold that six pints of milk, 'cause there are two more fictional skins for Praga R1. Folder size less than 10Mb, so you can use it also online (f.e. SRS) Ps. Not sure if i'm going to do those "rainbow" sidepods and hood (lack of interest and time). So, don't wait for it...
  8. 0n3

    Mclaren 2020 | Estonia 25 1.1

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pack includes: -n. 4 Lando Norris -n. 55 Carlos Sainz For other requests, please contact me:
  9. CharlieHDGamer

    Lando Norris 70th GP Helmet 1.0

  10. _aminn

    Lando Norris 70th Anniversary GP Helmet 1.01

    Lando Norris 70th Anniversary GP Helmet This mod replaces Lando's original helmet with his special one-off helmet used during the F1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. Screenshots: Note: - Copy and paste the 'F1 2020' folder into your F1 2020 game folder. - Standalone Textures are included in the...
  11. _aminn

    Lando Norris Neon Cap 1.0

    Lando Norris Neon Cap This mod replaces Lando's orange cap with his new, personal, neon green coloured cap. - Copy and paste the 'F1 2020' folder into your F1 2020 game folder. - Standalone Textures are included in the '_Textures' folder if needed. - Any questions? Feel free to message...
  12. CharlieHDGamer

    Lando Norris Austria Helmet 1.0

  13. CharlieHDGamer

    Lando Norris 2020 Test Helmet 1.0

  14. S

    RSS Formula Americas - Lando Norris Indycar 1.0

    I recreated the livery that Lando Norris uses in his iRacing indycar races, oval and road version both included, enjoy
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | The McLaren MCL35 Is Here

    McLaren have become the latest team to reveal their brand new 2020 Formula One challenger - the Renault powered MCL35. Revealed today at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, McLaren have high hopes that the first car developed under the watchful eye of new Team Principe Andreas Seidl will...
  16. jajafrison

    Mclaren Coca Cola Skin 3.0

    Mclaren Coca Cola energy Fantasy Skin for the rss formula hybrid 2019 assetto corsa. More cars,tracks and skins here: and my YouTube channel:
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | McLaren Complete Pirelli 18" Tyre Test

    McLaren drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have had the opportunity to sample the 2021 18-inch Pirelli tyres for the first time at Paul Ricard. As the Italian tyre manufacturer continue to develop their new 2021 specification 18-inch Formula One tyre, Thursday and Friday of last week would...
  18. Eli4Three

    Universal Helmet 1.0

    Universal Lando Norris Helmet, without numbers and sponsors :D
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Ask Lando: Submit Your Questions to Lando Norris Here

    'The Big Interview' is back - this time with sim racing star and rookie Formula One sensation, Lando Norris. Having had a stellar career in junior formulae, Lando Norris has taken the Formula One world by storm during his debut season with McLaren, producing some exceptional performances in...