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How would you compare your rig/iracing to the McLaren's one? In terms of graphics, ffb, realism, things simulated... Which one do you prefer?

You are 5 F1 drivers on iracing (you, Max, Charles, Alex and Carlos), is there a plan from this gang to bring the entire F1 grid to the game? I would pay to see Kimi streaming!

Will you try to qualify/win for a world championship on iracing? You could prove to the entire world you're a good driver

Are there some things you tried in sim first before attempting it in real life?
Can McLaren be the team to break the dominance of the big three teams in the next year or two, and if so, what gives you that confidence? Cheers.


Hi Lando.

Do you prefer driving (for fun) on a sim, or in a real car on public roads?

P.S. Keep doing what you're doing. It's great watching you evolve both on-track and off. Nice to have a reason to barrack for Mclaren again too!
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Can you say "hi" to my 13 year old daughter, Abby? She is a big Lando fan, and keeps showing me stuff from your social media. She'd be chuffed to get a mention!
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