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How serious, and how many does other manufacturer invests in simracing ? i mean in the large audience, not for only pilot training. (beside Mc Laren of course cause we already now they are very active in simracing)


Dont you think its a shame that F1 is not based completely on talent but how much money you have / money you bring to the team


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GPblog Norris explains the key differences between real racing and simracing

A very interesting read if you googled the above
Paul Jeffrey has already said, none of the racing simulators compare to the real thing, so many of the questions are asking how does x,y,z sim compare to real racing.


Building on that GP Norris explains article:

Could you describe some of the moments when you've felt that fear in a real car (maybe what happened and how you reacted), that you don't in the sim racing? Suggested follow on: Is there any way you can practice to overcome that fear? Does practising those situations in a simulator help?

[For context I agree with Lando about the fear and feeling gforces in the real car. For me that was when I was learning to fly where practising engine failure on takeoff in the sim was easy enough. The first time the instructor alongside me cut the engine shortly after takeoff and watched my reactions was a whole different thing fear absolutely kicked in and I was much slower to react, select a safe landing area etc than I thought I would be. More practice helped me improve but it's still an uncomfortable feeling for real but not at all in a sim.]



In which way do you think racing simulators as iracing, rfactor, AC, ACC should be enhanced? What's missing the most (other than fear and gforce which we are aware of)? What are your ideas on how to improve?

Also, are the simulators you use professionally are much better? In what way? Are they based in any simulator mentioned before or is it a totally different software? Do they use motion rigs? FFB (I suppose so)?


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Paul Jeffrey

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Thanks for your questions gents, I'm going to compile then and submit the key ones over to McLaren and Lando this evening.

Watch out for the response article probably in the next week or so (depending on his logistics getting back from Singapore !!).

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