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If a contract offer came from another team such as Ferrari or Mercedes for the 2020 or 2021 season, would you make sure there was nothing in that contract to stop you from Streaming or racing on Iracing? Would that be a consideration? (Ive always wondered if Ferrari and Mercedes would allow such things).

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What do you think the future of SimRacing will look like?

What have you learned while SimRacing that proved to be very usefull in real racing?

Do you think SimRacing makes you a better driver?


What are your thoughts about getting a Ricciardo as a team mate, you two seems to have ...insane chemistry.
(from 5:36 until 6:36 - and Lando's tears:D)
Would love to see that, bet it would be just hilarious and spiced with pranks.
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What do you think of electric cars and are you against F1 going to full electric engines in the future?
As you already are a VR46 fan, could you imagine driving in MotoGP in something like 10-15 years when you achieved what you wanted in F1 or do you plan to stay in F1 like, forever?
When a real racing car oversteers or understeers, is the steering wheel behaviour in a good sim setup identical to a wheel in the real world?

In other words, do you think the brain is reacting to the same wheel feedback inputs?

Purpose of the question:
Of course there are other inputs from car, but the question is just about the wheel. The purpose is to understand how far or close from reality is the brain being trained with FFB inputs. Thanks.
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