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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 774 48.8%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 696 43.9%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 115 7.3%

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  1. vlad.men

    Racing League Tools 0.5.0

    Easy management of your racing league. Join us discord server: https://discord.gg/faE4bmnJmz v0.5.x - Introducing lap data deep analysis In the new update, the app saves lap data (lap and sector times, etc) for each driver from a session received using UDP telemetry. This data can be...
  2. M

    EasyERPMod - make modding easier v1.4.5

    EasyERPMod Hello everyone! A checklist to see if this is for you (even if not, just keep reading :D): Do you install different mods that modify the same file? And you have to manually edit ERP files to make them combine the mods? Are you tired of import/export files all the time just because...
  3. C

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Livery Guide 1.0.0

    Hello, I've created this visual guide to show you where each of the parts of the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 correspond to on the photoshop template supplied by Race Sim Studio. I don't know if this will help anyone but as a newbie livery designer, This helped me a lot. TO INSTALL This livery isn't...
  4. Cortextual

    DiRT Telemetry Tool and Input Display - by Cortextual 1.6.2

    Greetings you filth-peddling dirt mongers. I noticed quite a few people are still using this tool in DiRT Rally 2. Though there are more comprehensive solutions out there it seems some still prefer the simplicity of this app for use specifically with the DiRT Rally games. So I thought I would...
  5. F

    UFLT - Laptime / Telemetry logging tool

    Hi, Since I was missing a tool where I can compare my laptimes, see my progression and analyze telemetry data I developed a tool that is capable of handling all this stuff. The tool is currently in heavy development and I think now is the right moment to get some users into it. At the current...
  6. Kenneth Jurmann

    Is there an general FFB Tool/App

    Hey everyone, sim-wheels often don't come with linear ffb. Some are more "responsive" others are not very "accurate" with their linearity. For years now, we are stuck with what the sim-dev would give us to correct those inaccuracies or design-choices. Some devs give us more values to change...
  7. Z

    RBR car name replacer

    Hi everyone, I really like RBRCIT however when I play I find it hard to remember which slot my Opel Manta 400 is in. To solve this problem I've written a small C++ program that takes the car names from \Cars\Cars.ini and replaces the original strings in RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe. Run it...
  8. F

    AMS Random Talent File Generator 1.0

    Small utility build with an Excel template to generate talent files with random parameters. The ranges of the parameters are established based on those used by Reiza in their series. However feel free to change the ranges according to your convenience Installation You only need Microsoft office...
  9. L

    PC2 Multiple liveries for one car

    Hi people, I bought project cars 2 a while ago but never really got into it. I want to give it another try. In AC you can just put skin files in the car's folder and done. Can I do that in PC2? If I put a downloaded dds file in the "vehilce/textures/customLiveries" folder it always want to...
  10. Chrome

    Texture Pack Importer Tool 1.0.2

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXTURE PACK IMPORTER BY CHROME v1.0 http://www.mysummercarbrasil.com.br This application will import texture packs at one time...
  11. DeuxAlpha

    AMS Vehicle File Editor 1.1.4

    This is a very simple editor to change the parameters of any .veh-Files in Automobilista. I change those parameters quite frequently and found myself getting frustrated with having to go into every single file and changing all the parameters individually, so I created this tool in order to speed...
  12. ajanhallinta

    SatsumaTuner (outdated) 0.23

    This mod is outdated. Use SatsumaTuner95 instead: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/satsumatuner95.46996/ SatsumaTuner 0.23 by: ajanhallinta Changelog: 0.23 - Changed routine to find Satsuma, the mod shouldn't break anymore even if the game gets updated. 0.22 - Added Rear Suspension Fix...
  13. ajanhallinta

    FerndaleTuner 0.13

    FerndaleTuner 0.13 by: ajanhallinta Use Keypad+ / Keypad- to adjust suspension level on Ferndale, or Num8 / Num2 to adjust front suspension only, or Num7 / Num1 for rear suspension only. Use Num5 to restart suspension. Please note that suspension level is not restricted, so you can bug your...