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EasyERPMod - make modding easier

EasyERPMod - make modding easier v1.4.5

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Hello everyone!

A checklist to see if this is for you (even if not, just keep reading :D):
  • Do you install different mods that modify the same file? And you have to manually edit ERP files to make them combine the mods?​
  • Are you tired of import/export files all the time just because of a small change?​
  • Do you play Multiplayer/Time trial but then sometimes run game with mods?​
  • You don't want to backup the entire game folder just to play Multiplayer?​
If you answer yes to ANY of these questions, then you're welcome, this app solves all of the above struggles!

With the help from the famous Ego-Engine-Modding (Ego ERP Archiver), I have created EasyERPMod to make modding a bit easier.


  • Play Multiplayer
  • Set Time Trial record
  • No need to import/export everytime a file is edited
  • Multiple mods seperated in different folders. Easy management.
  • Explorer app to manage mods
  • Restore original files after game exit (this is how you can play multiplayer)
  • Texture arrays supported (read wiki for more info)
You can read the wiki for a detailed explanation/instructions.


Please post in discusssion if you have any difficulties using the apps. Also attach logs files (paste it to pastebin would be an option) to help diagnosing any bugs. Log files can be found in "Logs" folder where EasyERPMod is.

  • Download and extract to wherever you like
  • Open EasyERPExplorer.exe, Click on "Set F1 game folder" and paste the F1 game folder path. Click "Save". Alternatively, you can directly modify settings.json file.
  • If you can't start the app, install .NET 5 Runtime
Quick guide video:

Make sure your F1 game folder is NOT modded, use Steam's Verify integrity of files to restore files to default. If you don't play Multiplayer at all then it's fine, no need to verify them.

After setting F1 game folder in settings.json or through EasyERPExplorer app, you can run "ERPLoader.exe" file to load all the mods. It will automatically start F1 Game for you after finishing.

Don't close the app while playing the game, you can but it will cleanup after you finish playing.
If that is too annoying or the game doesn't start, just close the window after the game has started and you can always run Cleanup.bat later.

To play Multiplayer or set Time trial records, start the game normally from Steam.
More details in the wiki page
  1. All mods will contain raw files, not packed into ERP files
  2. The app will import all mods' files before you start the game and create a modified ERP file.
  3. After finish playing, the mod will restore original files and your game folder is somewhat untouched.
  4. You can start the game from Steam to play Multiplayer, set Time trial record or what ever else you couldn't do before.

Find & Replace function​

For small changes to text files such as drag, slip stream or damage mod, no full XML file change is required. You can make use of Find & Replace functionality of this app.
Within EasyERPExplorer, you can create "tasks" so when the mod loads, it will find a text you defined and replace it with whatever you want.
Step-by-step guide is available in this wiki

Read step-by-step guide How to make a mod wiki to understand how to start.

There are 2 demo mods in the zip file. One modifies slip stream by using Find & Replace functionality and the other replaces an emblem texture.

I would really encourage you to read the wiki to understand how things work.

I will create a video showing how to work with the apps if necessary.

Source code available here

Latest updates

  1. v1.4.5

    Small changes This will be the final version before v2
  2. v1.4.3

    Fixed FileReplace would throw an error if backed up file already exists
  3. v1.4.2

    Fixed ERPLoader will not open/load

Latest reviews

Really great mod. Makes modding much quicker and it's more convenient. Love the fact that I don't have to worry about updates massing up my modding and that I can sweat some time trials without having to have a bunch of backups hat I have to constantly copy/paste every time I want to switch between My team and online/time trial.
Hi, first of all i love the idea of the EasyERP, but unfortunately after install the .NET files, the .EXE still crashes, is there any fix for it?
Hi, can you please go to Discussion (there is a tab on top) to discuss the issue, reviews is not where we can solve things. Anyway, please post your .log file (in "Logs" folder) to discussion thread. Either screenshot it or put it in pastebin.com and link it there. Cheers
hey, amazing mod, works for f1 20?
Thanks! It should work just fine but if there is any problem, report it in discussion and I'll try to fix it
Works now
Sweet! If you have any other issues, just click "Ask a question" on top of the page and post there. I'll try my best to help.
This is great! Hope more mods will support this=))))))))))))))))))
Thanks for the support!
Great Idea but immediately closes after clicking on it and therefore prevents me from doing anything
New update (v1.2.2) should fix your issue now. Remember to change F1GameDirectory in settings.json or in EasyERPExplorer app
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