UFLT - Laptime / Telemetry logging tool


Since I was missing a tool where I can compare my laptimes, see my progression and analyze telemetry data I developed a tool that is capable of handling all this stuff.

The tool is currently in heavy development and I think now is the right moment to get some users into it.

At the current stage laptimes and sector times are recorded. Telemetry is in the making, but this is a separate topic because of data amounts etc.
What you need to do:
  • Download and launch the client from here
  • Launch RR and do your laps.
  • Find your recorded laps there: www.010102.de

For those who are interested the stack:
- Spring Boot Backend
- Cassandra DB
- Elasticsearch

Looking forwards to your comments and ideas.






Too much Goebbels
Hey @filthz
Your little tool didnt work for me - until I manually downloaded latest version.
I downloaded and tried to use the version with the update batch first - but:
Im mainly driving Raceroom in LB mode and with the first version when Im as example have been doing 10-15 laps then maybe one or two laps was displayed.
But mostly no laps was displayed/recorded!
I started your tool via uflt.bat and minimized the opened window so the app was running in the background while I drove my laps.
But as said it didnt work out right.

But then I deleted the old one and downloaded the latest version (the one without the auto update batch) and now all my laps are recorded and displayed.

And a great thank you for this great little tool.
For the first time I can now see all the individual laps in both LB and Practice mode - a feature the Raceroom devs presumeable considered unnecessary :)



Too much Goebbels
Hehe maybe I was ein bisschen to quick to offer my tribute to the little tool.
Now it has both displayed some faulty laptimes (too low:) and refused to display my latest ones.
But ok at least its better to have some individual laptimes to look at than what is normal in Raceroom to only be able to see the single fastest laptime.
Hey, that shouldnt be happening and needs to be fixed. Which Track did you drive? I will try to reproduce it

Hockenheim GP:

Which ones are to low?
Can you remember what you did before laptimes went missing? It would help me reproducing/ fixing the issue.

I did upload a new release (2.7) today, which fixes some bugs. Which version were you using? (Tool updates automatically on start)


Too much Goebbels
Thank you for answering @filthz
Appreciated very much.
The problem by documentating the exact laptimes is that Raceroom dont produce a list of the individual laptimes in either Practice or as here LB mode.
So it is impossible to find out if the individual laptimes that your tool does show are correct or not.
In the LB session you have found of me (FR90V8 14.11.2019) I ended up with a fastest lap of 1:20.816 which is correctly displayed on Racerooms official LB.
But your tool does show that the fastest lap was "only" 1:21.083.

My own suspicion/explanation is that your tool (probably) are recording and displaying the correct individual laptimes - BUT for some reason or another does miss some "critical" or random laptimes.

But both because I will try to help finding the bug - hehe and because I would love to be able to check the correct individual laptimes via your tool I will try today to drive some LB laps and then every time I cross the finish line stop the car and calculate the single laptime using the +delta value that is flashed for 1-2 sec against the fastest laptime overall.
Because thats the only way you can figure the individual laptime out in Raceroom (without installing some other 3rd party progs).

PS. Are you sure the tool does update auto without the original batch file?
UFLT launcher v.2.7.png
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Too much Goebbels
OK I think that my little test at least did show something positive - and negative.
Your tool does actually display the correct laptimes if/when it does display something.
But if you abandon a lap in either a crash or just stop the car before completing the lap then your tool does stop recording laps.
Here you can see all my calculated individual laps (all legal according Raceroom):
1: 123242
2: 122168
3: 121830
4: 122050
5: 121530

But between lap 3 and 4 I abandoned/stopped the car on track twice before I restarted car and made lap 4 (122050).
Something happens with your tool if you abandon or (probably crash) a lap and your tool doesnt regain recording any laps - probably until you completely stop Raceroom and kill and restart your tool!
Thats also the reason my fastest Hockenheim laptime of 120816 has not been recorded anywhere in your tool - eventhough your tool was running when I made this fast lap :-(
recorded laps.png
Thanks for investigating, that helps a lot. Can you confirm, you are using client version 2.7?
And yes: the update will work without the .bat file, this was required with the old client only
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Too much Goebbels
2.7 is the current version, where this bug is fixed ;)
But as my little picture above does prove(!) I allready used the 2.7 version when my lap 4 and 5 disappeared.;)
I will try to use your tool a few times more - but if laps still does dissapear then I see no reason to use it.

ByTheWay: Could this issue be because Im solely driving in LB(Leader Board) mode?
Because what is special in this mode is that the game does save 2 parallel replays.
1. The standard replay saving all the laps in the session.
2. A special LB replay (AllTimeBest) which only include the fastest lap - and which is deleted/updated every time you drive faster than before.

UFLT launcher v.2.7.png


Too much Goebbels
I guess you can reproduce it by simply start Raceroom up in LB mode - select any car and (probably) any track and then just drive as fast as you can about 10 completed laps.
If you crash then just choose Restart Lap in the menu and go on until you have about 10 legal laps.
And then see how many laps of the 10 your tool have recorded.

Just about 1 hour ago I drove about 10 laps(LB) in the FR90V10.
As can be seen only the first 3 laps (15, 16, 17) was recorded by your tool - the rest was lost.
My last lap was 1:21.791 as can be seen on the screendump I made after the finishing line where I pressed F12 on keyboard while Racerooms delta was still shown.
121291 + 500 = 121791

So my personal conclusion is that eventhough Im using v2.7 then your tool still cant record the laps correct.
Hehe hopefully its only when Bruno Bæ is driving his laps this happens :thumbsup:


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2.9 has some stability fixes. I have driven laps, restarted Leaderboard sessions (menu --> restart session) but could not reproduce your problem. If it still occurs, it would help when you can reproduce it yourself and tell me what exactly you have done. (Like drive 1 valid lap, drive 1 invalid lap, go into menu, restart session etc)


Too much Goebbels
OK just 30 min ago I did run both the FR90V10 and V12.
And I could see that your tool was updated to 2.8.
And absolutely nothing was recorded.
Hehe eventhough Im trying to help you I just made a new all time best in the FR90V12(pic:) ) 121194 FR90V12.jpg

But now I can see you have updated to 2.9.
I will try to see if this version is functioning.

ByTheWay: With v2.8 there was no name and track info in the open tool window after the sessions!


Too much Goebbels
OK now your tool is at least recording.:)
But the first and illegal(red) lap is probably something your tool does "invent".
In this FR90V8 session i did 5Laps + stopRestart + 2Laps + stopRestart
So there is missing Lap 28-29 after crashRestart.
V8 5LstopRestart 2LstopRestartafterSessionInfo.png
V8 5LstopRestart 2LstopRestartmissing L28-29 after crashRestart.png


Too much Goebbels
In this FR90V12 session I did 1Lap + stopRestart + 1Lap + crashRestart + 1Lap stopRestart
So this V12 session looks OK if we ignore the first illegal(red) lap - because I didnt drive this lap:)

But I think its a bit strange that the after session info in your tools window does only show car/track info after the V8 session but nothing after the V12 session.
V12 1LstopRestart 1LcrashRestart 1LstopRestart afterSessInfo.png
V12 1LstopRestart 1LcrashRestart 1LstopRestart.png


Too much Goebbels
New V10 session.
This time it looks OK - if we again ignore the first illegal(red) lap.
I did 2Laps + stopRestart + 1Lap + crashRestart.

Hehe I wonder where your tool does get the laptime for the imaginary first illegal(red) lap:whistling:

EDIT: In the after session info for this V10 runs there were nothing!

ByTheWay: Thanks again for this tool.:thumbsup: I will mandatory use it from now on because of Racerooms missing display of individual laptimes.

ByTheWay2: It would be fantastic if you one day would create a tool that would "translate"/transform Racerooms telemetry output to the MoteC format. Just like the guy Lazza have done for rF2 and the iRacing devs(?) have done for iRacing. Because the genuine (Australian) MoteC telemetry analyzing tool is way more advanced than most of the toyish socalled telemetry tools made for Raceroom. I would gladly pay for such a translate tool:)
V10 2Laps+StopRestart+1Lap+crashRestart.png
This telemetry part is indeed in the making. First implementation will be a web-display. This is a screenshot from a dev branch:


First lap: RR does not provide times for invalid laps, so there is an internal timer running in the tool. As soon as the lapcounter increases it records a lap. This is why the outlap is concidered as invalid.

The tool has issues when you close RR but leave the tool open and restart RR.
I will fix this issue, in the meantime please restart the tool when closing RR
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