1. Scott duncan


    hey amigos looking for good settings for the OSW small miGe for RF2 and RR Im new to the direct drive club, ive got settings punched in and racing but i just want to see if any DD pros out there have different settings from my own All pointers would be appreciated muchos gracias
  2. callumjtc

    DIY Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pedal Project

    This will be a build focused thread, a continuation from the success of my previous thread containing a survey (many thanks for the overwhelming number of helpful responses!) for an A level technology project. The survey guided me towards building these pedals for the project which will...
  3. S

    Is there a good free alternative to race track builder ?

    I only want to create a local karting track and dont want to pay like 55 € (ac)
  4. H

    Which car, would you like to sound better? (ALSO MOD)

    Hello to all friends, I would like your opinion on the cars that you think should sound better on AC! Whether it is official or mod. :thumbsup:;)
  5. Davide Nativo

    Why No Matra in Sim-Racing?

    credits: The French Icon is sorely missing from the virtual racing scene. How come? DISCLAIMER: The article is about licensed, official content only! Thus, mods and 3rd party unofficial add-ons, developed for any sim, are not the object of this piece and in no...
  6. Ross McGregor

    Sell DSD Wilwood Pedals

    Hi, I'm looking to simplify my sim-racing setup so have decided to sell my DSD wilwood pedals. They have a load cell brake and would be a great addition to a dedicated sim rig, or for someone that is heavily into sim-racing and looking to shave off that last tenth! I've had mine for nearly 3...
  7. Joseph Wright

    rF2 Special Events: Get Your Le Mans Fix Here!

    With the 24 Hours of Le Mans on everyone's minds we've created some other opportunities for you to find your endurance fix. "Another year, another June, which can only mean one thing... it's time for Le Mans! And at RaceDepartment this in turn means that it's time for an rFactor 2 Club "Special...
  8. el_mattpro

    Dedicated Servers Project

    Hello everyone, i know that people here speak 80% english 20% other lenguajes, and i'm bad with that, but lets see what can i do. I'm an old Assetto Corsa user and i race in private leagues, but i always look at the Online tab and see the same... "Tourist" servers with full grid and race servers...
  9. DaBomb330

    DaBomb330's Project Cars 2 Setups

    Here's a playlist of my current setups for PC2 as I make more they'll be uploaded here. If you have a question feel free to ask on here or on Twitter-
  10. carloscasas

    Kartodromo Internacional Valencia - Karting Version Year 2020 v2

    Una de las novedades que llevamos investigando desde hace tiempo, es el circuito virtual para digitalizar nuestro juego. En este caso, para los amantes de los simuladores, el Kartodromo Internacional Lucas Guerrero se complace en presentar el trazado de nuestra pista rFactor1, rFactor2, Kart...
  11. DaBomb330

    Laferrari FXX K @ Mugello

  12. D

    TheSetupMarket can't download setups ?

    Hello guys, im trying to download a setup for my cars in assetto corsa. Im trying to do this with thesetupmarket in the browser but its just empty an i cant klick anything. Does it just work when connected to a steam acc ?
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Announcing Racing Club 'Friendly Events'

    Announcing something new in our online racing clubs across all simulations hosted here at RaceDepartment..... introducing our brand new (or in some cases rebranded)... Friendly Events! If you have been around RaceDepartment for a while, or even if you are brand new to our site and community...
  14. Jose Dominguez

    Mazda MX-5 cup @Modena Fast

    A fast and stable setup for race and qualy. I think i can do 0.59.4 or 0.59.3. Any doubts, comments or improvements are welcome.
  15. Thomas Vasileiadis

    SimDASH Modules ( SimGEAR - SimFLAGS)

    SimDASH Modules is 2 external devices , one Gear Display (SimGEAR) with RPM Limiter Led and one Marshall Flags (SimFLAGS). SimGEAR is a 38.1 mm Blue , Red or Green Display with integrated Rpm Limiter Led. SimFLAGS is a Marshall Flags led matrix display that show all the known Marshall flags...
  16. Chris

    Automobilista: Build 1.3.5 Released

    Reiza Studios have released version 1.3.5 of Automobilista to the public today; a build that brings a wide variety of bug fixes and optimisations to the game. Included in the update are changes such as the ability to automatically disable the mid-race full course caution period for tracks that...
  17. Chris

    FIA Vegas eRace - Was it good for SimRacing?

    2017 is now well and truly underway, and for many months prior to this day, a select group of SimRacers have been practicing their rear end's off in order to have the best shot at winning the 200,000 dollar cash prize on offer from the inaugural Vegas eRace. Whilst the chance to see the worlds...
  18. KermitPlays

    Which Wheel to buy?

    Hey guys! I am currently deciding on what wheel I should get for the pc? I am not that up to date so would be nice if you give me some suggesions :) Regards, Kermit
  19. Bram Hengeveld

    Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome to the RaceDepartment Community. Use this thread to introduce yourself and receive a warm welcome in return :inlove: Frequently Asked Questions Q: I don't have permission to download mods from RaceDepartment? A: Downloading mods on RD is free but requires an membership account. Have you...