Reiza Studios announces Nürburgring Südschleife and Historic Bathurst for AMS 2

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It's been a while since the last Automobilista 2 update. Last week, Reiza posted an community announcement revealing new content joining the sim this month and there's plenty to get excited about.

Automobilista 2 has gone from strength to strength in recent months thanks to numerous updates bringing fantastic content to the title. With releases such as older, niche race cars and classic layouts of infamous tracks, AMS2 is seemingly becoming the go-to simracing time machine.

That title is sure to stick for at least another update as Reiza Studios announced several enticing additions coming in March. On Friday, the developer took to Steam to post its March development update in which it detailed everything it is planning.

Alongside bug fixes and new features like tweaks to online modes and a wider array of options for custom championships, content provides much of the focus in this dev update.

Back to the Brazilian roots in March​

It's no secret that Reiza and by extension, AMS 2 is a Brazilian organisation. The great variety of Brazilian tracks and cars play no role in hiding that fact. But in recent releases, the sim has moved away from its roots as more traditional European and North American tracks have been added.

Formula Inter is the latest Brazilian car to feature in the sim.jpg

That will not be the case when the next update releases in the near future. Reiza has shot back to Brazil for a taste of Formula Inter, a regional single seater series. Providing a first car racing experience for younger drivers exiting karts, this series resembles the likes of Formula 4 and Skip Barber.

Dubbed the MG15, this be-winged racer weighs less than 500kg all while producing nearly 200hp from its 2-litre inline four cylinder engine. Much like the Formula Ford racer set to join iRacing this week, the Formula Inter features a five-speed H pattern shifter for the full driving experience. Small wings should make for plenty of slipstreaming opportunities meaning this car will be perfect for league racing.

More historic venues join Automobilista 2​

Automobilista 2 is known for its tracks lost to the past. It is often named the best game for historic content, and developments launching in March won't be bucking the trend. In its March development update, Reiza has said that elements of the coming update have pushed the release off schedule. However, I think we can all agree they are worth the wait.

Bathurst 1983
First up is an old version of Bathurst without the Chase breaking up Conrod straight. Along with the flat-out section going from the end of the mountain section all the way to the final corner, Bathurst in 1983 had a different vibe.

Bathurst 1983 to join Automobilista 2.jpg

Today the track is lined with walls making it a challenge to race on. But from screenshots provided by Reiza, it seems the 1983 version of the course is more open with the possibility to make mistakes and come out the other side. After all, a small slide across the grass is far better than hitting a concrete barrier at full-speed.

First official representation of the Südschleife
The simracing world is now much accustom to the Nurburgring Nordschleife. However, the circuit's smaller cousin and predecessor to the GP layout isn't quite as famous. This shorter track will join the Nurbrugring DLC alongside a 1971 representation of the venue.

Historic Nurburgring release includes the Sudschleife.jpg

This will be the first time that the shorter Nurburgring layout will feature in a simracing title as official content. Just like Assetto Corsa did with the Nurburgring, could this release set off a wave of Südschleife representations in sim racing?

The Formula Inter MG15 and 1983 version of Bathurst will come with the next update to AMS 2 scheduled for release any day now. The car will reportedly be free with the base game while Bathurst will join as part of the Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC. The historic version of the Nurburgring including the historic addition of the Südschleife will join the sim later in the month as part of the Nurburgring Pack.
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I also pray that the North, South and GP slopes are connected like the Nordschleife and the GP track are already.
On the other hand I do not know if it is really possible, does the Sudscleife communicate with the norscleife historically? The GP track had to be added after the disappearance of the southern loop?
Well, anyway, it would be wonderful to be able to run on the three tracks continuously.
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Great news. I have already downloaded the beta and I have been testing the sim and is going more than well. The new historical circuit of Australia is very good, although the textures still needs work. The new Inter category is really cool, it will be a great addition for online racing newbies and casual gamers as the learning curve is short. VERY WELCOME the fixes to some errors like the one of the historical circuits of England and Italy (Imola) and the one of the pilots of the Senna generation cars, but now we have a bug in the pilots of the historical Porsche GT.
Anyway little by little we are having a great simulator. We look forward to a more finished online game mode.
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Unbelievably excited about Sudschleife!

Not that I’m asking for much (!) but one day I hope Reiza gives historic Zandvoort a try (I enjoy the modern Zandvoort in RF2 but I’d love to try a really good version of the old layout too!)
I hope so! At the end of the 1970s, that part was sold to a campsite.. holiday cottages. the old..... Zandvoort was great dangerous and fast with a good flow. The vintage tracks is the only thing that I play Ams 2... more vintage tracks and cars please!
Bert Austen
Bathust 83 is fun to drive there , looks great , sudschleife and old nurburgring ....awsome , looking forward. Disappointed of the car update:( Whe neednot more open wheelers in the game i think.
Better was more GT3 - GT1 and Group c cars and brands. Thanks for the great work Reiza. Love AMS2.:thumbsup:


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