What Motorsport Series Would you Like to See Have its Own Game?

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BTCC, Indycar, GT World Challenge, Formula 1, all these real-world motorsport championships have or are getting their own games. What other championship would you like to see have a dedicated game?

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A few weeks ago, I sat down in front of my computer and typed up an article for RaceDepartment's good friends, Overtake.GG. In it, I listed a few real-world championships that would make for excellent dedicated simracing titles.

This focused approach to making a racing game is becoming more popular at the moment. The F1 series of games is growing in popularity, ACC portrays the GT World Challenge to near-perfection and Motorsport Games is working on a number of games in the same style. Furthermore, it turns out that Straight4 Studios might be interested in making a game focused on a specific series and era.

In the listicle on Overtake, I pointed out several modern championships currently growing in popularity. But I also mentioned a time long gone in the history of motorsport. In fact, games made to focus on a specific championship don't have to portray a modern version a said championship. Games like GP Legends and Spirit of Speed 1937 do a great job of immersing the player in a forgotten period.

What's my ultimate dedicated racing simulator?​

As a fan of yesteryear, I certainly stand by my point on recreating the pre-war Grand Prix era as a full racing simulator. If it were to include the preservation required of older mechanics and the idea that any race could end your career, it would make my day.

However, since the Straight4 Studios poll we mentioned last week, I've drifted towards the idea of a historic Can-Am sim. This is an often forgotten time in motorsport history, yet it included some of the most impressive machinery ever seen. Brands like Porsche and McLaren would pump millions into its 1,000-horsepower cars each year with engines needing to be replaced periodically.

The championship visited some of the best North American tracks where danger laid at every turn. Taking the seat of Dan Gurney or Bruce McLaren aboard their Group 7 monsters is a dream I didn't know I had. Whether Ian Bell and his team of developers can put this experience together, we'll have to wait and see until the results of their poll release.

Your ideal championship simulator​

You've heard me bang on about what I'd like to see in a racing simulator focused on a specific championship. But I'm most interested in what concoctions the rest of the community can come up with.

Whether you're looking for a game that only simulates the Brands Hatch Formula Ford Festival, or one that would feature every ACO race on the calendar. Scroll down to the comments and explain what championship you want to see feature in a game and what key features such a game should have.

Which championship do you want to see get its own racing simulator?
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Super GT, including cars from at least the last 13-15 years (up to the HSV-010).

It would be a bit lacking on the tracks department though, but they could add more tracks, like the german ones where GT500 cars ran at some point, or any good track, there is never too much of them.
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I personally think there's an opportunity for a GPL-style release featuring all major racing series of 1967. This would be:
- F1 1967
- Can Am
- World Sports Cars
- Trans-Am

However, I forsee it being super expensive to develop. That's a lot of scratch built assets that will be used for precisely one game and never touched again.

Super GT desperately needs its' own game.
Aussie V8 supercars need a game outside of iRacing.
To me, the size of the fanbase for these series makes it quite frankly bizarre those opportunities aren't being explored. SGT for example has a bigger TV audience in Japan than NASCAR in America. NASCAR receives yearly games but nothing for SGT.

Personally I would like someone to attempt a monster truck sim. Feld has an in-house simulator built on Rigs of Rods and there is a huge following for realistic Monster Trucks in BeamNG. All mass market monster truck games by comparison have failed because they basically turn it into motorstorm.
Ross McGregor
When I thought about this last year I went with the Andros Trophy, Porsche Supercup, Supercars, British Superbikes and the CIK/FIA Karting World Championship.

Let's face it, probably never going to happen.
The correct answer is (Aussie V8) Supercars as they are severely neglected in most racing Sims, iRacing doesn't do enough with the cars or tracks and AMS2 just has "variant of" that is similar to Gen2 but not identical. Neither have all the tracks, which is a great shame as the tracks are fantastic.

Gen3 is here now, be nice to have that fully replicated seeing as the previous two Gens were largely ignored.

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