1. Mikaa77

    Is the T150 worth buying?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about buying my first steering wheel, and the one I've been keeping my eye on is the Thrustmaster T150, as it offers a lot for it's price. I've read many comments about the standard pedals being terrible, therefore buying the T150 Pro with T3PA pedals would be much more...
  2. Scott duncan

    Sell FANATEC DEAL!!!

    Hello Im currently letting my fanatec V3 pedals go due to an upgrade. great condition cleaned twice per week and oiled, also covered when not being used. Great bit of kit for starting out or experienced sim racers, great feel to them, solid in build they have done me proud. All the original...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    An Exceptional Weekend at Paul Ricard - SRO E-Sport Aftermovie

    The second round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series was another great weekend of racing... and quite a bit more too... check out the event aftermovie! So we now know that the Circuit Paul Ricard isn't the best place in the world for a Formula One race, but when the Blancpain GT Series and the SRO...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Question: Which Series Would You Most Like to See Made into a Sim?

    With Formula One and Blancpain GT having their own dedicated racing title, which other series would you most like to see recreated in full? For years now we've had a trend of creating racing simulations that contain multiple types of racing categories and modding opportunities, and only...
  5. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY AMG GT3 steering wheel

    Hey guys. I've designed and built AMG GT3 style wheel this time. The logo on the centre is Alfa Romeo but it was requested by the customer, and yeah, it worked pretty nicely I should say. So, as per usual, here are some pics of the wheel! If you're thinking about buying one, feel free to DM me...
  6. Andre Dietzel

    Sell Simracingbay OSW Direct-Drive Wheel 20 Nm Mige

    I am selling my OSW Direct Drive Wheel by Simracingbay in Tomo Meglic‘s known great built quality. It gave me endless hours of fantastic sim racing. Full spec Granite IONI Cube system with 20 Nm Mige Motor and the upgraded 10000ppr sensor. IONI ProHC Controller and 720W power supply. Was used...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    What a Weekend... Monza, Blancpain and the SRO E-Sport GT Series

    The opening round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series was an electric experience.. check out our video reel of some of the great adventures from Monza. The opening round of the Blancpain GT Series, the first race of the brand new SRO E-Sport GT Series. Monza, rain, speed, hard racing on the real and...
  8. Davide Nativo

    A Gateway to the Future: Neural AI in Simracing

    How would it be, to face computer opponents that behave like human players? Simulations have made enormous progress during the last two decades. If you pick whatever title from the mid-nineties, whether it is a flight, combat or racing simulator, and compare it with its contemporary contender...
  9. Davide Nativo

    Focusing on a Single Sim

    When less is actually more. We live in the golden age of sim-racing. That is surely something we hear quite a lot lately. Whether we agree or not with this claim, it is indeed true that nowadays we have plenty of sims available to us, each and every one of them with its peculiarities and its...
  10. Davide Nativo

    Is Classic Content Overlooked in Simracing?

    “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” (William Faulkner) Looking at the recent trend in simracing, it seems like the GT3/GTE class is the most popular among both the developers and the simracers themselves. Basically every sim out in the market at the time of writing of this article, is...
  11. S

    Connect TM1638 + 12 momentary button

    Hello, it's my first message, I've been watching for a long time. I have a question Is it possible to connect TM1638 + 12 momentary pushbuttons with a single Arduino UNO R3? sorry for my english
  12. Davide Nativo

    “My First Time at the Nürburgring”

    Let’s share our stories, about how we first learned driving on this iconic track. Deciding to tackle this challenge, and learn driving the Nordschleife, is not an easy task. More than 20 kilometres of winding roads, depending on the layout you choose to drive on, made of small and big bumps...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    RDTV: Symdeck GCR1000 Motion Platform Review

    RDTV checks out a very unique motion platform solution from British company Symdeck - The Symdeck GCR 1000. Having recently taken delivery of the GCR1000 motion platform from Symdeck, I set about testing this all-in-one sim racing solution to see how it stacks up with a number of popular racing...

    PROVENCE ALPS 1.0 f2d

    PROVENCE ALPS / v1 (f2d) by SIM TRAXX Layouts available in AC free2drive Edition : 1. Asphalt Hill Climb (multiplayer disabled for free2drive)
  15. Scott duncan

    Sell steering wheel deal!!! TOP PRICE

    hello all Im departing with my 320mm sabelt racing wheel (suede) ... it was purchased from demon tweeks recently for £200. I bought SRC GT1 wheel so it wont get used. It was on my rig for only 5 days, its immaculate and now back in its cover and boxed! good grip it feels great, looks amazing...
  16. Scott duncan

    Sell 320mm sabelt racing wheel

    hello all Im departing with my 320mm sabelt racing wheel (suede) ... reason? I bought SRC GT1 wheel so it wont get used. It was on my rig for only 5 days, its immaculate and now back in its cover and boxed! Its real deal, feels amazing,looks amazing with good grip PLEASE NOTE!!! the wheel...
  17. Davide Nativo

    Double Clutching in Simracing

    Hard, but rewarding. Double clutching is without a doubt a very popular driving technique, one that is still being used nowadays in particular situations or circumstances, like truck driving or when a cars’ synchros are completely or very badly worn out. Nevertheless, what is it exactly about...
  18. Scott duncan


    Hello All of a sudden i cant get AMS to recognise my wheel etc Ive recently upgraded to SRC GT1 wheel, i cant assign buttons in game, no matter what it doesnt let me, it only assigns the same button but that button is already being used I am baffled.. i’m looking for a solution if its out...
  19. callumjtc

    AMD Ryzen For Simracing?

    I build PCs so am fairly well acquainted with computer hardware, and my mate has asked me to put together a new PC for him. Usually I would recommend an i3-8350K or an i5. Obviously sim racing is CPU intensive, and an i7 is preferable, but expensive. Having long been an Intel fanboy, with the...
  20. Scott duncan


    Hello all Im looking to make another sale but this time for a friend heusinkveld SQ shifter up for grabs! as you see in the photo(s) its all new BRAND NEW, in the box and wrapped up... ive put a photo next to mine also to show it out the box etc If interested get in touch cheers