Pikes Peak Hill Climb v0.81: RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX

Pikes Peak Hill Climb v0.81: RainFX, Seasons, LightsFX and GrassFX 0.2

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Important note: config uploaded to CSP, it should be automatically downloaded and enabled now.

Custom Shader Patch config for the track Pikes Peak Hillblimb v0.81 by SimTraxx. You now have winter, autumn, lights during the night, rain, and a beautiful grass.

You can install it by enabling it as a mod or by unzipping inside your assetto corsa installation.

Some More details about this:

  • without Content Manager and CSP, this won't work
  • for seasons, you must set the date of the season you wan't in Content Manager (it's not a skin). For example, set the date in january or february to have winter.
  • rain: rainfx must be enabled in CSP config. you must have the patreon version of CSP, it's not public for now
  • lights: they will be visible during the night
  • grass: grassfx must be enabled in CSP config.

Feedback welcome.

The author of the track is welcome to include it to the track archive, or even to contact me to remove / correct things.



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Latest updates

  1. 0.2: better lights

    Thank you @rpenati for you feedback: all the objects had emissive values, that’s why they was...

Latest reviews

Does anyone know how I can get an external replay T.V camera on this track? Can't seem to do it with cam tool mod.
With Sol 2.1 alpha 19 and CSP 0.1.74-preview3 is very realistic to race and shoot on that track. Great config for track. Thanks!!!
Thank you :) I really like the grass (my second screenshot) when we are up in the mountains. A lot of different colors.
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