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2-way and race layouts for "Cesana Sestriere" + configs for seasons 2019-12-23

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This road has many pretty views and many more bumps for the FFB to shake your hands. A softer suspension setup or a soft riding standard car is the best match for it.
With my add-on you can enjoy the hill climb and downhill in "Race", "Hot lap" or in "Track day" comparing times with the AI. And what I like to always do in such occasions - after I have my fill, press "Ctrl+G" and then "Ctrl+C" to let AI set some fast times with the same setup and then compare it. This can end up either by me grunting annoyed or by some training of the specific AI if the data of the car is unpacked. In the end this all helps to move things forward and have fun along the way. And speaking of fun - as usual I like to fill the road with traffic, hence the "Traffic" layout. It has some hints to make it less brutal but no hard cap of the max speed.

Install: make sure your "Cesana Sestriere Historic Hillclimb" is in good condition and then unzip this content into the track`s folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\CesanaSestriere\". Confirm the merging of folders. No files are to be overwritten.
The package contains the three layouts, models for the pits, grids and a floor for blocking the shine thru the edges of the road mesh in twilight. Each of the layouts has the same "extension" subfolder with the config for seasons and materials exposure fixes.

For settings I`m using
Sol cs.jpg

AI flood.jpg

With this track I found that using the VAO-patch isn`t always better. So if the pictire you getting is too dark uncheck the option in settings for auto-loading of vao-patches

and delete "CesanaSestriere.vao-patch" from "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\vao-patches\" folder. This also gives the benefit of slightly shorter loading times.

Happy driving!
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Latest reviews

I'm the author of the track, due to problems I had to stop working on it. Thank you for this mod, I had so much fun trying it out with a full trackday grid, I've done a quick video too. Good work!
Thank you for your work! And you know what they say - "Keep`em coming"! If you plan on releasing updates for the track you may include the traffic for free. In case that "wrong way" sign is a distraction the removing of "..\AssettoCorsa\content\texture\wrongway.png" doesn`t hurt the game.
Have a happy holidays!
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