1. Ghiaman1334

    Lenovo problem

    Hi y'all, Excuse my lack of specifics: I'm posting this away from my PC. I have a Lenovo laptop, running Windows 10. Nvidia GeForce of some kind on the inside. I've been reinstalling my mods for AC and so on and, out of nowhere, my file unzipping software AnyZIP stopped opening. Not needing to...
  2. B

    Anyone know how to fix this issue? CSL ELITE

    Hey all my wheel keep moving out of its own < Almost Lowest FFB Settings < Video with my original FFB settings for any game what i have tried auto detect in game changed the steering rotation to 360 / Auto / 900 / 1080 reinstalled drivers...
  3. Awittyusername

    Another TX/T300 calibration problem thread...

    Hey all, Came to this forum searching for a solution to my problems. Seems like there's some very knowledgeable users on here and apparently a lot of the advice given has worked for many people. Unfortunately I have continued to have issues and am now at a bit of a loss. I bought the wheel...
  4. J

    Cars My rims are oversized. Can't find solution

    So i'm trying tochange some rims into the abarth 500, and although the fitment and size are perfect on the 3DSimED3, KSEditor and CM's showroom, when I load the car in a track it all messes up and they show up oversized, as you can kind of see. i've spent hours trying to figure this out seen a...
  5. jakoman3

    Forcefeedback issues on my Formula Rapide

    On the Formula Rapide and other private projects of mine, theres always issues with the ffb. Meanwhile i know of the ffb multiplier in the car.ini, i can´t find out how to change the ffb settings like slip,road,kerb and abs. While i can of course change and save them in the ingame app, it...
  6. M

    Richard Burns Rally Ram Issue

    I have an issue, that popped up today, I launched RBR, and it lagged liked HELL, I checked the task manager and it somehow seems, that the system only assigns about 60 megabytes of ram to the game. (Before, it assigned about 1.5 - 2 gigabytes out of 8 gigabytes that my system has) Is there a fix...
  7. L

    Logitech G25 FFB Problem

    Hello everyone, i recently bought an used G25, i immediately replaced the encoder and noticed that one of the motors apparently broke. The wheel calibrates perfectly and steers perfectly but i can feel no grass or any feedback at all other than the motor trying to put it back to its calibration...
  8. X

    Ford Escort RS1600 crashes AC

    Hi, I was trying to start a race with the Ford Escort RS1600 but the game hangs each when loading it. Other cars work fine. Any ideas to make it work? Thanks in advance!
  9. K

    added objects have no collsion with proper naming

    I'm editing tracks for a league I organise to prevent cutting the track and all kerbs added in 3Dsimed are collisionless. I named the object xxkerb with successive id numbers. Kerbs themselves are made in Blender and exported in fbx format. IsActive is enabled with them in ksEditor
  10. N

    Cars Not Appearing in Menu

    So I recently found my old rFactor disc in a cupboard and thought id install it on my new pc having just been to a simulator centre that use it. When I had it on my old pc, every car, even ones I couldn't unlock like the Sauber F1 car, were available to at least look at in the main menu. Whereas...
  11. Willgames2003

    AC Won't Launch In My Oculus Rift CV1

    Until recently, I played AC in VR all the time, but now, whenever I try to load acs.exe, the game successfully loads into VR mode, and the I move my Rift around it tracks it like normal, but it isn't outputting to the Oculus' displays. It occasionally works when I mess with the exe file names...
  12. D

    Content Manager Mod - Issues With Wheel Settings

    hi guys, I'm having some issues with the Assetto Corsa Content Manager mod. For some reason when i launch from content manager my h pattern shifter stops working.. its as if the clutch is mapping backwards or soemthing) i use a th8rs shifter and a g27 pedal / wheel. do you have any...
  13. HK2014

    Crash after one session

    Hello, i have recently purchased the game from steam and i have one issue : At first everything is fine but when i have finished a session, like a race, time trial or whatever, my game will always crash if start a race again or change series. i am running the game on Windows 10, as...
  14. Muzammelo

    Nurburgring Nordschleife Issue

    Hello, i'm PC Assetto Corsa gamer, and i experiencing some issue at Nords When i'm racing with AI, at Caracciola Karussell, some car crash, usually hypercar and Race cars, such as F1, Prototypes, GT3 cars. Is it usually happens, or just a bug or something? Thank you, sorry for my bad English.
  15. P

    F1 2016-2017 issue

    Hey there, Codemasters sent me here because the assistance was unable (or too lazy) to solve my problem with both the games. Copying here my request: " Good afternoon, I have an issue with both F1 game. Since I've installed f1 2017 on both the games I'm experiencing HUGE losses of speed per lap...
  16. Dirk Steffen

    Please help with strange graphic issue - NUCLEAR skid marks

    - vanilla Assetto Corsa installation - all settings maxed out - installed good and bad weather SUITE 1.3: The issue showed up after this installation (but I see no-one else having such an issue, so surely there seems to...
  17. ThourNation

    Weird Issue with my Force Feedback (Logitech Driving Force GT)

    I used to drive with 90% FF and 80% centering spring set up in the Logitech Profiler. After this little update during this week, today I wanted to drive the first time after this update. And something strange happened. My settings do not work anymore and I do not get normal FF. I tried with...
  18. Carlos Panades

    T500Rs and Assetto Corsa - FFB problems

    Hi All! I have a T500 that works very well in all other Sim titles but AC. Sometimes it works absolutely fantastic with Assetto and sometimes don't which is very, very weird. It makes me wonder that the problem is something related to the game not being able to load my wheel settings correctly...
  19. Giacobbe

    Problem with Logitech DFGT.

    Gave my buddy an extra wheel which I had never used, it was a refurb(I think) DFGT that I had gotten off eBay and decided to upgrade before it even came in (sim racing probs). Anyways, everything seems to be working. Force feedback, does the full 920 calibration at startup, but it doesn’t...
  20. Maschine

    Hardware setup for tactile transducers and amplifier

    Good afternoon/morning to all. I'm trying to get my gear up and running but so far I'm hearing crickets instead of shaking. What I cannot get working: 2 x Buttkicker LFE's 1 x Behringer inuke 3000DSP Now, here's how I've tried to set it up. Please correct me if I'm wrong... I have two...
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