GT Sport | Laguna Seca Set to Arrive Soon

GT Sport is set for another a new real world circuit in the near future - Laguna Seca is making a welcome return to the franchise.

Followers of the current 'World Tour' E Sport series should already be well aware of the next real world location coming to GT Sport... and now the Japanese developer have official revealed it to the world ahead of the formal release date announcement - feast your eyes on Laguna Seca, an epic American track making a much requested return to the Gran Turismo franchise of games.

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Yes, Laguna is the circuit that featured in that pass from Alex Zanardi on Bryan Herta back in 1997 at the world famous 'Corkscrew' corner - and scene of probably countless hours hotlapping with your mates during younger and simpler times... and soon it will be available in GT Sport - returning to the franchise after an enforced break following the release of the latest addition to the long running PS4 exclusive racing title.

The new track made its debut as part of the GT Sport World Series competition this weekend, but home racers are yet to get their hands on the circuit, and little is known about exactly when it will be made available for the increasingly expanding, and impressive, console title.

Regardless of when the track comes out, I'm sure plenty of people will be excited to turn some laps on a truly iconic racing venue.

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GT Sport is available now exclusively on PS4.

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wow well done GTSport! Laguna for 2020!? Poor lasds.. they did still not have this basic ancient track that is in every sim...LOL.

Corey Rogers

Wow good lord, Kunos got a real competitor on this one!
Kunos has a long way to go but I'm backing them to get there. I don't play consoles but I watch some of the streams and it is fun. Where Laguna is concerned Kunos's measuring stick for track development will be against the version released for AC since it was one of the last if not the last official track release before AC development was halted and it was very high quality even by ACC standards. Actually I think I'll fire it up now and take a quick lap or 2.
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