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custom shaders patch

  1. F

    Custom Shaders Patch - Blurry / slow rendering of guard rails and details

    Hello Team, So I recently logged on to do some racing after about a week of absence. I noticed that the guard rail details and street details approximately 50-100 meters out in front were blurry until you got within range of that threshold mark, it just looks bad and blurry like it's not...
  2. T

    Help me optimize Assetto Corsa via Content Manager

    Hi everyone, recently had to update my PC because it broke and now I'm planning to make things more serious regarding my sim racing passion. TL;DR: What are the most fps hitting graphics options in CM and which Ambient Occlusion option should I use for the smallest fps impact? My previous PC...
  3. P

    Assetto Corsa Horizon (Background) problem Sol 2.0.2 CSP v0.1.73

    Hi Everyone! I have a problem after instaling custom shaders patch 1.72 and sol 2.0.2 (exactly like the instructions and tutorials says). The Far away horizon between sky and ground has a graphic fail. Photo (drift playground): This graphic bug is moving, so i also sent a link to film: . I...
  4. E

    I'm having a problem with Custom Shaders Patch

    I tried installing almost all the versions of Custom Shaders Patch but i always get some sort of error. This time tried using v0.1.72, i opened the game through Content Manager and got this error shown below: And after this error game crashed and Content Manager gave me this error shown...
  5. Lavalamp641

    RainFX, Track Lights, GrassFX & More for Sebring RTB 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov's (aka x4ab) Patreon. This is for Sebring International Raceway RTB by MadBrain: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sebring-international-raceway-rtb.13374/ To install...
  6. Diese Mod lässt es REGNEN in Assetto Corsa | CSP 1.69 Regen + Wet Mod

    Diese Mod lässt es REGNEN in Assetto Corsa | CSP 1.69 Regen + Wet Mod

    Regen in Assetto Corsa ist endlich da! Der neue CSP bringt den lang ersehnten Regen Schauer ins Spiel und es sieht verdammt gut aus! Zusammen mit der Wet Mod, zaubert der neue Coustom Shaders Patch 1.69 ein authentisches Fahrgefühl in Assetto Corsa, was vorher immer gefehlt hatte.
  7. 4 Seasons Guide in Assetto Corsa | AC Jahrezeiten Tutorial

    4 Seasons Guide in Assetto Corsa | AC Jahrezeiten Tutorial

    Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter: Assetto Corsa hat sie alle! Durch den Custom Shaders Patch sind alle 4 Seasons an Bord und lassen sich ganz einfach einstellen. Wie ihr die Jahreszeiten manipuliert, wie sie aussehen und wie man sie komplett aus Assetto Corsa entfernen kann, erfahrt ihr im heutig
  8. Lavalamp641

    Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts) 2.1

    Converted with permission from CTDP and McNolo. CTDP made the original version for rFactor, McNolo then made a conversion/update for rFactor 2, I have now converted/updated McNolo's version to Assetto Corsa. Custom Shaders Patch highly recommended. It will work without, but you will not get the...
  9. Nock

    Assetto Corsa+Content Manageer+SOL replays at night! Help!

    Hi, i have a problem with Assetto Corsa, im using Content Manager and Sol. And i reinstalled Assetto Corsa + COntent Manager and SOl, already to check if the problem goes away, but it doesnt. Everything works very fine and it looks great, but 7 out of 10 times, when i pause the game and click on...
  10. R

    Jacarepagua Brazil - TV Replay Cams (AI UPDATE + more) 2.0

    Extract the zipped file to Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa. Note: if you have already downloaded all of the earlier content, then just overwrite existing files... otherwise, consider saving/renaming existing files before overwriting... example - renaming camera files: rename to...
  11. S

    How can I turn off light sources on the track with CSP?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any way to turn of light sources on tracks with Content Manager's Custom Shaders Patch. I really like the dynamic headlight, but my PC isn't that great, so on tracks with a lot of light sources I lose a ton of FPS. It would really improve my gaming...
  12. S

    Custom Shaders Patch - Shadow Glitch??? Please help me out

    So recently I uninstalled and reinstalled AC because I had to reset my content. When I started playing the game again using Custom Shaders Patch, I noticed there was a weird bug when I selected some of the cars. The hood of the car had become darker, which made it look kindof ugly. I tried...
  13. R

    Willow Springs - TV Replay Cameras (Optimised, + More) 3.0

    Extract the file to Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa. Note: if you're adding more cameras - rename files before placing in tracks' data-folder. example: rename to cameras_X.ini and so forth (X represents the camera number). Track is located here.
  14. J

    General Rev lights of some cars not working

    Hi there, On some of my cars the in-game rev lights are not working. I know it's because of the Custom Shaders Patch, however downgrading it (have tried multiple, the 0.1.27 too) doesn't fix it, and I'd rather not disable it completely, though obviously if it's necessary, I could. Thanks for...
  15. N

    Upgrade advice for Assetto Corsa/Custom Shaders patch setup

    Hi, I've been playing Assetto Corsa pretty happily on my current hardware for a while. But I keep seeing youtube videos of LA Canyons and other tracks where the graphics look incredible, and it just doesn't look as good for me when I play. I'm considering my options for improving the quality...
  16. N

    Content Manager( Custom shaders patch: No page selected)

  17. Ghiaman1334

    Apps Content Manager x CSP issues?

    Hi, I'm having a problem with Content Manager. In brief - when I go to the 'settings' tab and click the Custom Shaders Patch page, it says 'no page detected' or something along those lines. Am I stupid and have just forgotten something crucial? Do I need to uninstall then reinstall CM? I need...
  18. How to turn off seasonal adjustments in Assetto Corsa

    How to turn off seasonal adjustments in Assetto Corsa

    How to turn off seasonal adjustments in Assetto Corsa - No more greyish winter textures Say goodbye to winter (textures in AC)! :-) This video is on how to d...
  19. zerobandwidth

    Headlight-related interior lighting fixes (various) 1.0

    Do you prefer always running your car with its lights on? Do you sometimes wonder whether your headlights are actually on during the day? Well now you don't have to. As someone who habitually runs with lights on all the time, I've been going through the cars in AC and adding Custom Shaders...
  20. Alexandr66

    Assetto Corsa UI Menu Skin 1.0

    [HI THERE] [INFO] YEAR=2019 AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch, CM) ABOUT=Alternative design for menu UI in Assetto Corsa [INFO_1] Sooner or later x4fab (Ilya), creator of CM and CSP will release completely new UI for Assetto Corsa (already seen it in work). Until this happens, for those...