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Assetto Corsa Horizon (Background) problem Sol 2.0.2 CSP v0.1.73

Hi Everyone!
I have a problem after instaling custom shaders patch 1.72 and sol 2.0.2 (exactly like the instructions and tutorials says). The Far away horizon between sky and ground has a graphic fail. Photo (drift playground):
drift playground csp 1.73.jpg

This graphic bug is moving, so i also sent a link to film:
I tried to install lots of different combinations on SOL and CSP, the problem still exists with most tracks.
When i use older CSP (v 1.69-1.71) this horizon is getting pure black- like here (highlands track):
highlands csp 1.71.jpg

I decided to reinstall the whole game and did everything from the beginning, unfortunately, after installing CSP and SOL im in exactly the same place.
Please help, thank you in advance,
update: I figured it out, if anyone has the same problem, you just have to update tracks in tracks config