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RainFX for Wakefield Park circuit 0.3

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RainFX extension for Wakefield Park, a small circuit in regional NSW Australia. Includes defining smooth and rough materials billboards, corrugated buildings tyre walls, grass, dirt etc and a couple of streaming points for the flag marshal/starters structure. On some items like "metal" roof it brightened already light coloured roof too much, so elected not to apply everywhere.

Unzip and copy the extension file to the track folder. If you already have extension/ext_config.ini file for the track open my file and copy lines from [RAIN_FX] and paste to end of the existing ext_config.ini

Thanks to Ian "The IC" Chandler for his work on making Wakefield Park v0.2

For RainFX you will need the Patreon (paid) Custom Shaders Patch.
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