crash problem

  1. dimitri420

    game is crashing when loading in after installing pure

    i installed pure and pure skydomes and when joining online or singeplayer my game crashes when i am about to load into the game crash report: AC\pythoninterface.cpp (247): PythonInterface: : PythonInterface AC\sim.cpp (547): Sim::Sim AC\splashscreen.cpp (319): SplashScreen: : postRender...
  2. tommychevelle

    General AC Help me please !

    I’m having a issue after upgrading to Sol 2.2.1 . Every other time I go to practice race in content manager now It loads then give me an error Sometimes I could just try again and it works fine and the race starts. I deleted the old version of sole I just got the paid version of CSP 1.77...
  3. carlosedubr

    gtr 2 crashes when i press the drive button in the pits

    my gtr 2 crashes every time when i press the drive button in the pits after the map loading, I've already tried several solutions like reinstall the game, change gtr 2 binary (.exe), update pc drivers, etc. (this crash occurs with gtr 2 vanilla without mods and with mods) OS: Win10 Pro 32 bits
  4. K

    Error in Assetto Corsa

    I will be very grateful if someone helps to solve my problem: AC\glrenderer.cpp (200): GLRenderer::end AC\splashscreen.cpp (158): SplashScreen::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (142): Game::onIdle AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run AC\acs.cpp...
  5. H

    Unexpected error for my first car mod

    Hey there. A while ago I decided to try making my own car mod for AC. I didn't want to do a Forza conversion though, but rather start from scratch. By now I finished the model and I'm now trying to get it to work in the game. In both, the standard showroom and the content manager showroom the...
  6. T


    Hello guys, i have a problem with my assetto corsa, when i launch a race from the game, the race doesn't start, and when I launch a race from Content Manager, I got that error. Dou you have any idea to fix it please ?
  7. Z

    Crashing without error

    Hey, there's a problem. In short, when I connect the usb steering wheel, the Assetto Corsa crashes in the 64-bit version, but when I turn on the 32-bit, everything is smooth
  8. anthony32904

    Error in assetto corsa

    hey I was wondering if anyone could help me fixed this error in assetto corsa AC\camerashadowmapped.cpp (299): CameraShadowMapped::renderPass AC\cameraforwardyebis.cpp (1266): CameraForwardYebis::renderApplyEffect AC\cameraforwardyebis.cpp (1182): CameraForwardYebis::render AC\sim.cpp (2564)...
  9. Billy Pilgrim

    AC crashes: Car ks_whatever might be missing or its data is heavily damaged

    Since last night, AC crashes back to the desktop when I try to load a race and CM gives a message to say: Car ks_porsche/or whatever might be missing data or is heavily damaged. It doesn't seem to be doing this with all cars - there seems to not be a problem with mod cars, but just with some...
  10. WhiFyre

    Assetto Corsa crash

    Hello, i'm Luca from Italy (sorry for my bad english). When i start a session and i go to track, after some seconds or some minutes, my PC crash. This happen until last week. I formatted the pc yesterday but didn't work. PC Spects: CPU AMD A8-5600k MB Asus F2A55 GPU AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series RAM...
  11. shadowbotic

    AC dont work anymore pls help

    AC doesn´t start races hi there, so I m playing AC for PC since a Year and yesterday I tryed to start a race after a break since 2 month. i used the Content manager as always and a say "go" and he imidediately say "race cancelled". i thought the content manager was broke and tryed the...
  12. PeculiarMonkey

    Crash in macOS Mojave

    I can't play racer in macOS Mojave even though I run it through wine. Can someone fix this
  13. MisterBitterBones

    MGP18 MotoGP 18, June 22nd Patch Start Up Crash...

    Anyone else experiencing a crash on start up? I can't even play the game currently...
  14. J

    F1 2017 Mods crashing saves

    Hi Guys. Im really mad. I installed 3 diffrent mods, and always i cant save games. How to fix it? Can I play carrier with mods or not? Thanks for help
  15. srad75

    AMS Crash after loading tracks

    Hello to all. I have a singular problem, I have tried installing new tracks, adding the "ReizaCommon" folder and all the files present under the "Locations" folder. The tracks are loaded, I get to the main menu of the box, I do the car setup, then when I want to drive after about 5 seconds AMS...
  16. G

    AC keeps crashing at the same point on each track

    Hi all, Im new to AC and the forum and seam to be having a bit of an issue! Last night every car and track I used crashed in exactly the same place, I thought I must have been a mod I installed so I whent ahead and uninstall all of them and this still didn't work. Now today it does the same...
  17. M

    PC1 Some mods crash the game

    I'm pretty damn sure I installed the mods in the correct way, yet still some of them crash the game. They crash the game in the garage, in particular, and of course when I launch a race. Please, I am going mad... Also, tried to validate the files, steam says is OK
  18. Gilson D`Avila Jr.

    After last update I Can`t running the game anymore!!!!!

    A few days ago, I noticed that my game crashed, rebooted, tried to run again and crashed again, I opened the Dynhud editor and noticed that the configuration had changed to the original. I soon realized that an automatic update had taken place. After this update I just enter the game I try to...