New Formula 1 car coming to Automobilista 2

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Reiza Studios have teased the latest addition to Automobilista 2 on Twitter. The images appear to show a 2022 Formula One car, there’s no mistaking the shape of the rear wing, or flares above the front wheels - this is definitely a ground effect Formula One car.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that the regulations for Formula One have had a massive overhaul.

With previous regulations, a following car would lose 35% of their downforce when racing within 20 metres of the car ahead. That loss of downforce could increase to 47% if the following car got within 10 metres of the car ahead.

The bodies of these cars are cleaner which means the aerodynamic grip has been lessened, however a lot of downforce has been gained back by channelling air underneath these cars.

From what we’ve seen over the first two races, the regulations appear to work, it is easier for cars to follow and so we should see closer racing in 2022.

We aren’t expecting any licensed cars, this will most likely be a F-class car and will sit somewhere around AMS2’s current F-Ultimate car - which are based on the 2019 F1 car.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to try the latest generation of F1 cars in AMS2?
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Guido Trampe
Great news. Looking forward to this car! Hope it will be a blast to drive and a reasonable car to have online races with (regarding skillset needed to do close racing with them).
Stay tuned for AMS2 racing club. Speaking for myself I can prommise some schedules races with these cars.

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