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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Netflix Announce 'Drive to Survive' Season 2 Release Date

    The start date for the second season of the popular F1 series 'Drive to Survive' has been confirmed by Netflix... ... and it is set to air this February 28th. Produced by Box to Box Films, giving viewers unprecedented access to the world of Formula One, the original Drive to Survive series...
  2. Lucas351

    DS Techeetah Formula 1 Team 1.0

    Hello again, and welcome to a new mod! This time it is the turn of DS TECHEETAH FORMULA 1 TEAM. I hope you like it! :whistling: IMPORTANT: I have a laptop, so the quality of the skins on my game is very low. But in your games you will see it normally It replaces WILLIAMS Enjoy it :sneaky:
  3. P

    75 F1 Trailer

  4. J

    Looking for help testing my race server- Assetto Corsa

    ---solved-------My server is currently running on Assetto Corsa it is called "join if you want but this is a test2" and is only holding a practice session in the dallara f317 by RSR. I would be very grateful if some people could join and let me know if it is working correctly, it will be up and...


    We discuss what's happening with the 2020 season mod and also what's going to be happening moving forward!!! Follow me on Twitter for updates on the Season M...
  6. L

    F1 1981 HE 2.0 2.0

    Enjoy our latest update of F1 1981 HE 2.0, featuring woring suspensions and RFE plug-in for wet races!
  7. Enmore Racing

    RSS Formula 79: The Missing Cars 1979 1.0

    I made these skins to compliment Wolfgang Berger's efforts on the 1979 Formula 1 season. Included are: Tyrrell (Pironi, Jarier and Daly) Merzario Kauhsen Williams (Jones and Regazzoni) Ensign Shadow (Lammers only)
  8. Jimlaad43

    The Best Formula One Race of 2019

    F1 2019 ended as a classic season, with some of the best Grand Prix's in living memory, celebrating the emergence of some future stars to show us that the next few seasons will be amazing. Lewis Hamilton took the title after 21 races, but it wasn't all easy for him, as not all of his 11 wins...
  9. B

    Racing Leagues

    Hey everyone! So I'm trying to start my own racing leuage on GT sport. We are going to try and have everything from rallycross to formula racing to drifting events to karting. You name it we will probably have it, and if not, we will try to make something work out. GT sport is needed and the...
  10. Pedro Lemonnier-Lopes

    Formula Renault 3.5 - Toro Rosso Honda F1 Team- Pierre Gasly's Car 2019-11-22

    This is the Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda Team's livrery on their 2019 season with the Pierre Gasly's car. If you want some skin tell me :) Made by Pedro
  11. CharlieHDGamer

    Hamilton Brazil Helmet 2019 2.0

    Version 1.0- still need to add helmet finish effects
  12. 2019 United States Grand Prix: Race Highlights

    2019 United States Grand Prix: Race Highlights

    A title-deciding day in Texas...
  13. Haze Racing Design

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Alpha Tauri Concept 2019-11-01

    #26 Kvyat Alpha Tauri concept in Gloss White, on the amazing Race Sim Studio FH19. Buy the car here - if you don't already have it! Pirelli Tyres thanks to @formulaHEINE You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims. Enjoy!
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2021 | Image Gallery

    The new look of Formula One 2021 is here! Check out the gallery of how the new cars will look once the next raft of regulation changes take place in time for the 2021 Formula One season.
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | New 2021 Car Images and New Regulations Revealed

    Time for change with today's presentation of the new 2021 Formula One car and regulations for the future of the sport. Formula One motor racing is a constantly changing set of complex rules, regulations and interpretations - as has been the case with the sport right from the very first World...
  16. Ginology

    Want feedback on my edit: F1 Mexico Grand Prix HOTLAP

    Hi all, With just four races left in the 2019 season we thought it was a good idea to share our Mexico Grand Prix onboard during a hotlap on the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit. 2 of our drivers went head to head on the circuit and produced great times, but as competitive as they are...
  17. H

    acf1 mania modified v8 1565 BHP WIP 1.0

    this is a modified ''power.lut", it reaches round 1565 BHP. It requires quite some precise throttle control to avoid any spins/oversteer. It is more powerfull then the BMW M12 from 1983. If you overdrive you will get a formula drift car. (this mod works for every car but it is made for the ACF1...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Rate The Sims: Community Edition | F1 2019

    We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... F1 2019! Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth of...
  19. Rikkies

    Toyota Formula One Team 1.0

    Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do ;) So this is my Toyota skin for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2019. The Team comes with two fictional Japanese drivers (car number 12 Amari Tanaka and 25 Hiroshi Matsumoto). They both come with a custom helmet design. For the helmets to properly work you...
  20. Ross Garland

    EU *SPECIAL* 1990's Grand Prix @ Silverstone - Sat 28 Sep 2019 (Live Stream)

    For this special event we're heading back to a golden era in Formula 1, the 1990's! Screaming engines that give you goosebumps, and cars without all the modern gadgetry, these are real driver's machines. Can you tame these beasts for 80 minutes of white knuckle racing? Jump in and give it a try...
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