formula 1

  1. Neko Taisen

    Sean Bull Design Peugeot F1 2007 Livery 1.0

    New work freshly done for the VRC MP4/22 ! The original design is from Sean Bull Design. I'm just here to make his designs playable. #24 Franck Montagny #25 Olivier Panis Credits to BlackToof for the original helmet of Olivier Panis...
  2. FelixR1991

    Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team AMR V8 Vantage GT3 1.0

    So eh, Aston Martin is heading to F1, apparently. Took a jab at a livery for the V8 based on the colours in their new logo. Showroom video: More information on my blog; via
  3. A

    2021 Carlos Sainz Ferrari helmet (ACSPRH) 2021-01-09

    Created on @talisman ´s 2020 Carlos Sainz helmet for ACSPRH Tag me if you use it for other resources. This is my version, you can check talisman´s one here, which was uploaded 10/1/21: *Keep in mind there...
  4. S

    Oregairu F1 (Itasha) | RSS Formula Hybrid 19 V1

    It's my first attempt at making a livery for AC and for the RSS Hybrid 2019. Not the best livery out there, but I will try to update a better version in the near future. Livery made for the RSS Hybrid 2019 mod by Race Sim Studio - Alpinestars gloves and...
  5. Ponz

    Data file for Jordan194 by @vastchapa1980 1.1

    Data file for F1 season 1994 Jordan194 by @vastchapa1980 modified : Correct Engine power Correct Electronics parts Correct Dispay Correct Cameras Correct Clutch Correct Gears Correct FFB
  6. CakeyBoy

    Jordan Hornets livery for RSS Hybrid 2020 v 1.0

    My first skin so here goes nothing, As mentioned in the title this is a livery based upon the Jordan hornets car that raced in from 1998 to 2000. This skin was designed for The RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 which can be bought here: Credits: Skin - Me Car -...
  7. Thales_98

    Teku livery for Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is a skin based on the on the team of drivers Teku from the 2005 Hot Wheels Acceleracers movies. It was suggested to me to use Mazda as the engine supplier since the team leader drives a car with a rotary engine. Includes the helmets and racing suits based on the characters' outfits...
  8. How Much Faster Is F1 Now Than It Was In 1975? - Assetto Corsa

    How Much Faster Is F1 Now Than It Was In 1975? - Assetto Corsa

    Game: Assetto Corsa Car: Ferrari SF15-T (2015) + Ferrari 312T Track: Monza Driver: Scott van Breda Support my channel: PATREON: PayPal: SOCIAL LINKS: Facebook: https://******/2HXs04y Instagram - Personal: https://bit.l
  9. johny5757

    Team Quadrant inspired skin (Mercedes engine) // RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 v.1

    Being a Quadrant Team ( Lando Norris, NFG, aarava, Steve Super GT, Maria Bish) fan, I had to make this one. So, inspired by the teams colours, I made a skin based on their colours (with Mercedes engine branding, as it is the best engine on the grid). Sorry for the pit crew, I could not do it , I...
  10. Matthew327

    George Russell Mercedes Helmet 1.0

    A quick mock-up of the helmet George Russell will run on his Mercedes F1 debut at the Sakhir GP later this week. By no means perfect, but should do the trick ;) Note: Visor not included as it is from another mod.
  11. F1 is Back at Imola | NEW RSS FH2020 Update | Assetto Corsa

    F1 is Back at Imola | NEW RSS FH2020 Update | Assetto Corsa

    Game: Assetto Corsa Car: RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Track: Imola Driver: Scott van Breda ---- SUBSCRIBE!: https://******/2R97NPr ---- Support my channel: PATREO...
  12. 0n3

    RedBull 2020 | Skip Barber Formula 2000 Regional 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you have any advice, let me know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal website ...
  13. Lt_Spirit

    Team Ice Cream skin 1.0

    ESP: Otra skin basada en el equipo ficticio "Team Ice Cream" de los streamers Borja Zazo y Heikki360Es, esta vez para el increible mod de Race Sim Studio "Formula RSS 1990 V12". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  14. Rhys Hitchings

    Alpine Livery 3.0

    Alpine Formula 1 Livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020
  15. Rhys Hitchings

    Lancia Martini Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 . 1.0

    My latest livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. It's LANCIA! I know they're not really as cool as they were back in the day but on well.
  16. Ferrari2016

    RSS Formula 1990 V12 |Carbon Fibre V1.0

    Enjoy this Carbon Fibre RSS Formula 1990 V12 Skin!
  17. 0n3

    Ferrari 1000 GP | Ferrari 458 GT2 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HI! This is my own version of the 1000Gp SF1000. I hope you like it! if you have any advice, let me know...
  18. Qtaro

    Tyrrell F1 Livery for Formula RSS 1990 1.1

    Credits: @J Andrews - Pirelli tyres @Marco17_ok - ACSPRH Tyrrell 019 livery for the RSS 1990 F1 car. Must have ACSPRH for the helmets to work.
  19. Daran müssen sich FORMEL 1 MODS zukünftig messen! | Formula RSS 1990 VR Gameplay

    Daran müssen sich FORMEL 1 MODS zukünftig messen! | Formula RSS 1990 VR Gameplay

    Das RSS in Sachen Assetto Corsa Mods das Nonplusultra ist, ist schon länger bekannt. Nun hat die Rennschmiede aber ihr neustes Meisterwerk auf den Markt geschmissen, welches sich mit einem rassigen V12 in den Vordergrund drängt. Was der Formula RSS 1990 so kann und ob sich der Kauf lohnt, erfahrt ih
  20. Qtaro

    Minardi F1 Team Livery for Formula RSS 1990 1.3

    Credits; @J Andrews - Pirelli tyres Minardi M190 livery for the RSS 1990 F1 car. Driver helmets: Martini Barilla