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Reiza Studios have deployed their latest update to the Automobilista 2 racing simulation - adding a complementary update following on from the mid-April build release.
  • New update now available.
  • Various physics fixes and improvements.
  • Updated driver and suit liveries.
The latest build update for Automobilista 2 from Brazilian development team Reiza Studios follows hot on the heels of the latest major 1.1.40 April release, and as can be expected with such a closely compacted update schedule this new build is mostly aimed at addressing some of the more minor areas of the title, rather than the usual substantial list of major content releases and game improvements.

That said, does come packed with some welcome tweaks and updates to the title, not least of which is further evidence of the ongoing quest to improve the physics and handling characteristics of certain vehicles - with attention having been paid in this new release to content from a wide range of categories within the title.

Other notable changes as part of this latest release include the ability to allow players using Logitech G923 hardware to disable Trueforce functionality - with a user guide on how to go about this option included at the foot of this article.

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V1.1.4.0 -> V1.1.4.5 CHANGELOG


  • Fixed custom livery overrides not respecting duplicate livery rules
  • Adjusted crowd/character visibility in various game modes and session types
  • Fixed issue where only LODb of some meshes would hide based on session type
  • Small fix to G923 Initialization
  • Added Game launch command line switch "disableTF" for users with issues running Logitech G923 TrueForce to fallback to legacy mode
  • Fixed onboard roll bars and brake bias both showing brake bias value on vehicle browser
  • Fixed punctuation on some loading screen tips plus some small German string tweaks
  • Fixed clipping on HUD warning message
  • Added extra batch of loading screen tips
  • Corrected various innacuracies in vehicle information
  • Adjusted rear wing base drag for F1, Prototype & GT cars
  • Adjusted Mini JCW tire tread
  • Adjusted CoG height for Group A, Procar, Mini, Porsche Cup
  • Camaro SS: Adjusted brake torque & CoG height
  • Roco 001: Adjusted chassis inertia & unsprung mass
  • Reduced brake fade range when under optimal temp range for all cars
  • Enabled onboard adjustable brake bias for MCR 2000
  • Slightly reduced FFB resistance when car is stopped
  • Increased AI qualifying pace
  • Increased AI prudence against human players
  • Callibrated AI rolling resistance for R-Retro Gen1 & Gen2
  • Reduced minimal AI Strentgh range (results in slightly slower AI in the 70-99% range)
  • Adjusted AI Grip multipliers in Donington, Bathurst
  • Silverstone 2020/2001/1991: Adjusted AI performance at Maggots, Becketts, Chapel
  • Imola: Adjusted AI performance at Tosa, 2nd Acque Minerali leg and Variante Alta
  • Silverstone: Added outer terrain to all track detail levels; fixed unsafe pit exit error in modern layout
  • Montreal: Added missing DRS zone2 line; Fixed floating walls; Updated livegrass texture; Performance pass
  • Hockenheim 1988 Short: Fix missing csm curbs; Remove unwanted fence bit at T3
  • Added liveries for driver helmets & suits
  • Camaro SS: Fixed obstructed rear view looking back from cockpit
  • F-Ultimate 2019: disabled DRS light until functionality is implemented
The build also introduces the option for G923 to disable Trueforce and run AMS2 with Legacy Logitech support in case you have issues with the new tech - just follow these instructions:

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Mario Kart is just hardcore. The blue shell should really convince you, that you are playing a real motorsports simulation, because it's as fair as IRL motorsports! :p
It's hard to believe that for some people, like me, it's absolutely the best driving feel out of any sim BY FAR and to some others, like in your case, it's totally wrong.
There are too many noob sim-racers out there who think, driving cars on the limit should always feel similar to a GT3-car. I've went through this as well and hated on many cars in AC I love nowadays like the Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Hurracan Performante. AMS2 has IMO much better slicks, but the road-cars (street & semislicks) could use some more AC-feel.
As mentioned above, during the initial phase they recommended to delete your documents folder a lot to avoid FFB issues when there were updates to it, so if you haven't done that yet since picking the game up please do delete and start from fresh. These are my settings for the CSL which I'm very satisfied with:


On wheel settings:
View attachment 471325

Also with regards to the game itself, there's way to much exaggerated negativity surrounding AMS2 since it was released which I find unjustified personally . They have updated the FFB/Physics/Sounds and Graphics a lot already and by now it has turned into a very good all round sim featuring original content you can't get anywhere else in this shape or form. It's also the best VR experience hands down.

Yes this feature or that feature needs to be implemented still but Rome wasn't build in a day and these will surely still arrive sooner or later. I can't wrap my head around people wishing they could have a refund with the game being as good as it is already (and far from complete still). For example I hear criticism about MP but it carried over PC2's excellent system to set up lobbies on the go without the need for a dedi server, it's just that people are still too skeptical to actually dive in and play online together, rather than a lack of features there like a rating system IMO.
Thanks for sharing those. 1st, Yes, I've deleted my Documents folder. 2nd, tried your settings... pretty good on GT1 cars with 60-65 gain, 0 spring but IMO bad for GT3,GT4 etc. As usual with every FFB settings and tweaking I've tried so far, this game gives absolute zero feeling when hard braking and locking front or rear wheels.
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Thanks for sharing those. 1st, Yes, I've deleted my Documents folder. 2nd, tried your settings... pretty good on GT1 cars with 60-65 gain, 0 spring but IMO bad for GT3,GT4 etc. As usual with every FFB settings and tweaking I've tried so far, this game gives absolute zero feeling when hard braking and locking front or rear wheels.
That's so strange, in my experience it is by FAR the most communicative under braking and locking, if anything I think it's a bit overdone. I do remember that being an issue when it first released but it hasn't been an issue at least for me, for half a year.

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