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Voisin C6 'Laboratoire' 1.1

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Another entry from Tours, 1923.

Started this not long after the Bugatti Type 32 so the model shares a few of the same flaws - mostly not enough polygons where they should be, and probably a few too many where they shouldn't - but I think it's fairly close to the originals.

Physics-wise it's still largely guesswork, I've learnt a bit more since the Bugatti but it's hard to know how relevant that is when you're trying to use the AC engine for something it wasn't designed to do. I've tried to be accurate where I had the info and err on the side of making it fun to drive where I had to guess.

Up until a week ago this video was the one and only source I could find for sound... I used a Kunos sound bank from the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse. I think it fits quite well but that may be because I'm used to it, it has a bit of the same chug-chug sound as the original seems to have. Obviously, in the unlikely event you want to race the Voisin and the Abarth you might find the shared sound causes a problem.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a little vintage racing. I'm still learning and improving (I hope) so feel free to offer any constructive criticisms or advice you might have. I've checked and double-checked and I can't see anything glaringly wrong with the upload but let me know if I've missed anything and I'll update as needed.

Happy racing,

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  1. Voisin C6 1.1

    - changed gear ratios - improved AI at race starts - dialed down overly shiny chrome - separated...

Latest reviews

travail admirable qui nous plonge dans un merveilleux voyage dans le temps. merci pour cet exquis dépaysement !
Amazing. Can't wait for next car. Absolutely awsome
Awesome! Thank you! I love the Pre-War stuff, earlier the better. With this and your Bugatti i would hate to seem greedy, but MORE MORE MORE! :D
and yes! good job better for me great thxs
Well Done Nicecuppatea!!!
This is the BEST FFB feeling i ever drive on assetto, you did it so well and thanks for that.
I do have some troubles in some cars, going crazy FFB on straight line... I have FFBClip but is there a way to modify the car data? and how to do it please????
Thanks, it's probably more luck than judgement if the FFB is good. Don't use my wheel half as much as I'd like as it takes up too much space under my desk but it's worth reading through the forums if you want some good tips on FFB. Only thing I change in the car data is FFMULT in the CONTROLS section of car.ini.
Thank you for another historic breath of fresh air!
Voisin were an extremely innovative manufacturer and nothing demonstrates their philosophy more than the 'Laboratoire C6'.
Another definite keeper!
Another great interbellum car, please keep on. One thing, the interior metal especially the gearbox cover is to shinny, it looks now like a mirror.
Next one the Fiat or Sunbeam :-)
Thanks. I'll dial the chrome down a bit, haven't really found good settings for my metal textures yet, I always feel they could be better. Sunbeam is on track but needs a lot of detailing and general fiddling about with still.
In vr on my motion platform this is Dahmmmmmgood.
Seriously I probably have 6 or 7 real keepers and this has joined that club. Thankyou so much for making this car.
Very fun to Drive! Thanks!!
Beautiful car , amazing in VR and good to drive as well. Thanks for creating.
Aluminium porn! Great. This is why i am so in love with AC. Thank you very much. With a little "bop" it matches the bugatti perfectly :)
That extra 10 mph for the Bugatti lets them sail past you on long straights doesn't it, the history says the two cars had a titanic battle in the actual race so I guess either the Bugatti got too unstable at top speed or the Voisin was pushed a little bit harder than it should have been.
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
very nice mod!! congrats
AH! Yes thanks good job thxs for sharing
great idea and thank you so much for your effort, looks good :-)
The three-speed-transmission is unique!
She's beautiful, I could get lost in those gauges. <3
This is the kind of stuff I love AC modding for. For what is possible in the AC engine, i think you did a really good job.
Many, many thanks!
What an amazing contraption! Thanks for bringing it to AC.
Very nice idea and fun to drive. Thanks !
Being able to play with pieces of history to AC will always make me feel like a kid watching his first ever race. Thank you!
Hah, I was already in love with your Bugatti, now it has to share my love with this one ;-) Stunning looks, very detailed cockpit. Kudos, thanks for sharing this old gem.
Thanks. There's all kinds of pipes and wires at the back of the cockpit that I couldn't get a good look at but I've tried to include everything I could see clearly.