1. Nicecuppatea

    Voisin C6 'Laboratoire' 1.2

    Another entry from Tours, 1923. Started this not long after the Bugatti Type 32 so the model shares a few of the same flaws - mostly not enough polygons where they should be, and probably a few too many where they shouldn't - but I think it's fairly close to the originals. Physics-wise...
  2. crimsonregency

    Assetto Corsa: Pre-War Race Cars & Tracks (1919-1940)

    This is my attempt at creating a list of all the Car & Tracks for Assetto Corsa from the Pre WW2 Era (1919-1940). Please feel free to share any that I have missed. I hope this thread becomes an awesome resource and collection of all the Pre-War mods available for AC. Checkout my new list of...