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Suzuka FSR 1.0

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Suzuka 1.0 for FSR league converted from rF to rF2 standards by JES. Improvements to road, trackside objects, reflections, AI, grass, shadows, texture colors.
Release notes:
-Smoother high-resolution road + curb mesh
-Added realtime reflections
-Re-adjusted most textures for HDR
-Removed shadow objects and added dynamic shadows instead
-New road
-New realroad
-New grass
-New armco
-New adboards
-Some new grandstands and tower
-DRS zone and rules
-Corrected track geolocation
-Changed skybox background
-Adjusted cut warning thresholds
-Fixed AI line through some corners
-New trackside material grip settings
-Fixed running fence shadows
-Fixed countless bugs/issues
-Re-aligned virtual starting grid to better match painted one
-Loading screens by Eduard
-50% Realroad profile

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Latest reviews

Finally thx
It is performing really good and it looks stunning. I hope there will be made some further AI improvements in the future.
All my wet dreams have come true. 10/10.
Great track. Very smooth to drive and high FPS!

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Coming Soon
John-Eric Saxén
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