Melbourne FSR 1.1

FSR Melbourne, changes by JES and textures/banners by Georg Winter.

  1. John-Eric Saxén
    FSR Melbourne, changes by JES and textures/banners by Georg Winter.

    2015 28/3:

    -Sponsor boards and road materials update by Georg Winter
    -Loading screen by Kris Cobb
    -Fixed flickering wall texture in sector 2
    -Fixed broken water shader
    -New water texture
    -Reduced trees lighting
    -Reduced sharpening of white lines for less aliasing
    -Added astro texture on turn 11 inside
    -Removed white ambient light from trackside monitors so content can actually be seen
    -Changes to grass bias and maps to make it seem slighty sharper
    -Added specular reflection to grass & curbs
    -Increased fog
    -Reduced lighting from many materials for upcoming HDR change
    -Doubled shadow range in all cameras
    -Corrected DRS activation to lap 3
    -Updated race date
    -Updated 50% RR profile

    2014 21/9:

    - Replaced realroad texture
    - Replaced grass texture
    - Replaced road texture
    - Corrected pit boxes
    - Corrected geolocation
    - Removed wall to bring extra pit box
    - Increased to 26 garage locations
    - Added lines to file in attempt to reduce game cut penalties
    - Removed white line on exit of T12
    - Added anti-cuts for turns 1,4 and 9 inside
    - Decreased grass grip
    - Edited color saturation
    - Changed banners

    rFactor2 2015-03-28 19-49-44-48.jpg rFactor2 2015-03-28 19-50-18-20.jpg rFactor2 2015-03-28 19-53-04-92.jpg rFactor2 2015-03-28 19-58-10-58.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. VernWozza
    Version: 1.1
    Great fun to drive but not the best looking track. It might be just my install but there is a problem with the trees on mine. The Trees are transparent and it is really distracting. I took a screen shot if the author would be interested. Most importantly this is a great drive.
  2. guvna
    Version: 1.1
    Very high quality track. Thanks.