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Montreal FSR 2015-05-25

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Montreal FSR 2015, built&converted from rF1 version by David Dominguez, 2015 updates and bug fixes by JES.


-Improved grass shader and textures
-Fixed random white lines physics crashes by making lines noclip
-Tweaked road reflections
-Fixed no grip on some offroad materials
-Fixed monitors & jumbotron feed
-Fixed transparent trees on all settings
-Added fog
-Tweaked textures lighting for new HDR
-Lowered exit anticut in turn 8
-Replaced track icons
-Loading screen by Kris Cobb
-Improved AI fast and pit path
-New realroad profile
  • rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-56-41-87.jpg
    rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-56-41-87.jpg
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  • rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-56-54-45.jpg
    rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-56-54-45.jpg
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  • rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-59-24-74.jpg
    rFactor2 2015-05-25 18-59-24-74.jpg
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  • rFactor2 2015-05-25 19-00-05-66.jpg
    rFactor2 2015-05-25 19-00-05-66.jpg
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the circuit isn't working for me. Everytime I try to load it pops up an error "Error reading mesh from GMT file TREE_082.GMT
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Very good circuit, despite the TM logos everywhere (yes, I know it's a sponsor, nevertheless it has an impact on quality).
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John-Eric Saxén
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