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SimHub Dash Porsche_911_GT3 1.0

Simhub Nextion 4.3" Porsche 911 GT3 + Arduino LED Mapping

  1. Ensi Ferrum
    Porsche 911 GT3 (R / Cup) Dashboard


    This is a recreation of the 911 Dashboard with nearly the same functionality as found in the R3E Porsches.
    It contains all 6 main pages switchable with a dedicated button on your wheel.
    I also added my LED mapping for 32 LEDs:
    The RPM LEDs light up at the same values as the in game LEDs do. With a little code magic I was able to use the same LED mapping for both cars.

    1. Close SimHub!
    2. Copy JavascriptExtensions and NextionTemplate to your SimHub directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub).
    3. Upload DASH_4.3_911_GT3.HMI to your Nextion.
    4. Start SimHub.
    5. Import the LED Mapping.
    6. Choose the Nextion Template and Mapping.
    7. Your good to go
    Don't forget to set the right RPM blink start value in SimHub:
    • 911 GT3 Cup: 96%
    • 911 GT3 R: 98%
    I managed to get the LEDs have the right blink values for each car, but the Nextion needs these values to be set manually.
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