nextion 4.3"

  1. basthard300

    Nextion Template MERCEDES AMG GT3 1.0

    This dash was a little more complicated, :confused::confused: hopefully it works Let me know Guys:thumbsup: Basthard Paul
  2. basthard300

    Nextion Template BMW M6 GT3 1.0

    this morning I got up with the desire for nextion:laugh: I prepared this Dash without having the 4.3 inch Nextion available for any error present, please let me know, I will be grateful to you to give me chances to correct them if is necessary. the model of Nextion for base is : NX4827T043_011...
  3. sts.sam.sts

    STS NX Essential (w/ NX Mapping Tool) V5.2 HOTFIX

    Hello Simracers ! I've new projects on my instagram (click here) This time, is the right time ! :cool:Finally, after some tryout, I'm glad to share this Nextion Dashboard for 4.3" screen for SimHub with 1 firmware, 2 dashboards available (F1 or GT) 100% without overlapping like my previous...
  4. Romaiin

    Simhub Nextion Display : select special page

    Hello, I would like that when I press my A button on my steering wheel it displays page A and button B displays page X. Is it possible instead to search for the page with next page and previous page
  5. Pset

    Dashboard Lexus RCF GT3 for Nextion 4.3 v2.0

    Here is my second realization the Dashboard inspired bythe Lexus GT3. It is intended for ACC.
  6. Rogeriosds2012

    Nextion 4.3" Project for Assetto Corsa game 1.4

    Hello my friends. I present to you a project for screens Nextion 4.3 "that I developed for the game Assetto Corsa Competizione but it is also functional in the original game. And as many times people who do not have the second game do not find this project, I decided to put it here too. Now...
  7. F

    SimHub Nextion 4.3 Dashboard Super Pack 1.2

    Hi All, Proud to share with you some quality Nextion Displays. This pack consists of 6 9 high quality dashboards for the following cars: Ferrari 488 GT3/GTE Indy Pro 2000 Mercedes AMG GT3 Chevrolet C8.R Dallara P217 Porsche 911 RSR Dallara IR18 Dallara Formula 3 Porsche 919 Hybrid I've...
  8. Rogeriosds2012

    Project Nextion 4.3 "for Assetto Corsa Competizione game 1.2

    Hello everyone. I would like to re-present my project for Nextion 4.3 "which was excluded from the site due to the Portuguese language not being accepted. But as I really like the site and my projects, I am putting it back in the native language of the site. I think my English it's not that...
  9. Rogeriosds2012

    New F1 2020 Project for Nextion 4.3" 2.3

    Hello everyone... Follow my new project Nextion 4.3 "for F1 2020. A redesign of the F1 2019 project. As I don't have the F1 2020 game, I made the changes only in the graphics and implemented some screens. Hope you like it... Installation: Unzip the file and copy the folder for SimHub to the...
  10. Rogeriosds2012

    Nextion 4.3" Project 3.3

    Olá a todos, Gostaria de apresentar meu primeiro projeto F1 2019 para uma tela do Nextion 4.3 usando algumas telas do projeto Piro Racing. Espero que não haja problemas ... Abraço a todos. Instruções de instalação: Descompacte o arquivo e coloque-o na pasta C: \ Arquivos de programas (x86)...
  11. basthard300

    Nextion Template PORSCHE GT3 ALMS 1.1

    this is my first work with Nextion, in the sense that I have a 3.2 "display and I can't test it in all respects. If there are any bugs or flaws, don't hesitate to write and fix it if possible. ;) cheers
  12. sts.sam.sts

    F1 2019 Pro Dashboard for Nextion 4.3" 0.99

    Hello there ! I have recently placed a new order to Piro Racing System for a new custom wheel with 4.3" on-board display on Nextion. But I realized that there are only a few dashboards, and they are not very successful in terms of data. So I decided to develop / design my own dash. After 30...
  13. G

    F1 2019 Nextion Dash 0.3

    This is a Nextion dash made for a 4.3" screen, NX4827T043_11 (non-enhanced version). This is the only screen I have tested on and cannot promise it will work on any other model. It is made to look like the F1 2019 in game dash (cockpit). Features: Working: Gears, Speed, Time, Position, Lap...
  14. Ensi Ferrum

    SimHub Dash Porsche_911_GT3 1.0

    Porsche 911 GT3 (R / Cup) Dashboard This is a recreation of the 911 Dashboard with nearly the same functionality as found in the R3E Porsches. It contains all 6 main pages switchable with a dedicated button on your wheel. I also added my LED mapping for 32 LEDs: The RPM LEDs light up at...