arduino led mapping

  1. Jmax87

    AC Lights (Simhub Arduino Profile) 1.0.3

    AC Lights Project Simhub LED lights for Assetto Corsa. I've set out to map lights for as many AC cars as I can. Including lights for high quality mods such as RSS, VRC, and URD. 5-10-5 led layout Easily converted to 3-10-3 Here is the list of cars MICHIGAN GTD SCG 007 007LMH VRC ERC - FORTIX...
  2. Ensi Ferrum

    ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set V2.2.2

    What you can find in the V1.8 update: All dashes for all cars (GT3 + GT4) LEDs mapping for all cars (GT3 + GT4) 2nd Dash (Racelogic and Motec in the Ferrari) Racelogic got an update with V1.8 Tyre Pressure Gadget (Tells you the correct cold pressure) Ingame Dash page (only visible...
  3. Ensi Ferrum

    SimHub Dash Porsche_911_GT3 1.0

    Porsche 911 GT3 (R / Cup) Dashboard This is a recreation of the 911 Dashboard with nearly the same functionality as found in the R3E Porsches. It contains all 6 main pages switchable with a dedicated button on your wheel. I also added my LED mapping for 32 LEDs: The RPM LEDs light up at...