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ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set

ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set V1.9.3

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title dash.png

What you can find in the V1.8 update:
  • All dashes for all cars (GT3 + GT4)




  • LEDs mapping for all cars (GT3 + GT4)

  • 2nd Dash (Racelogic and Motec in the Ferrari)
    Racelogic got an update with V1.8


  • Tyre Pressure Gadget (Tells you the correct cold pressure)
    Ingame Dash page (only visible in the when on the Setup screen):

  • Audible Feedback (When to shift)
    Audible feedback options.png

    Ingame Dash page (only visible in the when on the Setup screen):
    Audible feedback dash.png

  • Ignition Screens
Installation Guide and Demo:

Latest updates

  1. Hotfix - NSX Background

    Just a little hofix for the background color on the Lexus RC F GT3 2016 Dash
  2. Hotfix - Not all Settings saved

    As the title says, this hotfix adresses some error responisble for not saving some settings.
  3. Hotter than sun fix

    There creeped some nasty error in the Lumirank SAS DID_V20 standalone dash. This is fixed now...

Latest reviews

Ciao a tutti e complimenti per il lavoro fatto da Ensi Ferrum la migliore app in assoluto... solo che da qualche settimana ho un problema con (ritardo sullo schermo) utilizzo un cellulare come dashboard che prima andava alla grande ora invece è inutilizzabile per via del ritardo che dicevo prima... qualcuno cosi gentile da darmi una mano per risolvere? ve ne sarei veramente grato grazie a tutti e buona giornata
If you're only going to download one dash mod for ACC, this is the one. Forget anything else, this one has everything you need.
Amazing little kit to help emerge you into the game..... DASH Tina 5inch HDMI monitor is on point... just find the iPhone with racelogic very sluggish.. and seems to affect the in game one too.. still a mighty app to have.. kudos dude!!!
Adds a lot to the game!
-Petite adaptation de taille sur le Lumirank pour qu'il prenne toute la place sur un téléphone
-Rien à dire sur le Racelogic
-Les tableaux de bord sont chouette mais le format se prête pas trop sur un téléphone de petite taille (5") avec des bordures restantes sur chaque côté. Pourquoi pas proposer une variante plus tard
Dans tout les cas l'ensemble est vraiment génial, beau travail, vous avez bien fait cela !
Awesome update as usual, especially with a couple of spare phone for RaceLogic and Lumirank along with 5" LCD for main dash
The Lumirank addition just makes what was great, even better.
I have the main dash on a tablet, then the secondary on a phone on my wheel, I got a mount, but most das are partly hidden, but the Racelogic is perfect, either for the stint time or delta screen. Have the Lumirank on another phone on an articulated desk mount. It all just adds so much to the immersion. It would be nice to have a donate link some place,
I got my first dashboard through today and this has ABSOLUTELY blown my mind. I honestly cannot believe how excellent every single one of these dashes are. PERFECTION
Ensi Ferrum
Ensi Ferrum
Many thanks for your kind words.
Amazing product to use with ACC. Do have a bug to report, being that the standalone Lumirank display will not show up when the car is moving. When using the combined display it works as intended, but the standalone shows that pause menu screen. Can provide video if needed.
Ensi Ferrum
Ensi Ferrum
Holy crap, you're right!
Maybe a Hotfix this evening, if not then tomorrow.
Thanks a lot for telling me!
Excellent recreation of all dashes in the game. Lots of handy extras too
Absolutely brilliant. This has changed how I use ACC forever, specially with the extra screen space saved on my main display. The only tiny feedback is the font rendering for the selected gear on the main dash (at least on the 488). When rendered on mobile Safari (iOS), it looks like a serif font is being drawn (Times?) instead of sans serif. Other than that, amazing job.
This solution is amazing! I had the same problem with the 488 EVO (slow update on screen), it is just a typo in the render skipping parameter. Other than that i'm in love with it.
Ensi Ferrum
Ensi Ferrum
Thanks a lot!
Nearly forgot the Ferrari 488 issue.
Amazing dash, the best one! I've an issue, the audible tab is not saved (optimal beep and customized beep features are unticked after a restart of simhub), in admin or standard mode, any idea?
Ensi Ferrum
Ensi Ferrum
Thanks for the report.
Will have a look on friday or saturday.
Hammer Erweiterung, Danke!
great job. super. I had one issue... I have big lag (about 1 second) on smartphone... any help?
This is fantastic, really good work.
great app, thx for that!!!!

rpm led´s for bentley 2018 are not correct, where can i fix that?
Ensi Ferrum
Ensi Ferrum
Color, pattern, or values are wrong?
The amount of work that went into this is INSANE. Massive props.
Ensi Ferrum
File size
16.3 MB
First release
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User rating
4.89 star(s) 100 ratings

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