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Shifter Kart 125

Shifter Kart 125 0.8.2

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This Kart was originally uploaded to Race Department over here, back in 2017, so many thanks to everyone that made that possible: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/gokart.16419/

This release is my attempt to add at least one revisions worth of "upgrades" to this kart, which includes adjustments to the base model as well as three new LODs, which should help to improve framerates/fps. The physics and data have also been tweaked to try to improve the handling and driving feel.

This release includes a conversion of all the skins I've previously released for the original kart, as well as what's found in this skin pack (by permission from the author):

Skins for the previous release will no longer work with this revision, as the UV Maps have changed to facilitate painting the majority of the Karts exterior (which was not previously supported). This is an example to demonstrate how much surface is available to paint:

If anyone has suggestions for how to improve the kart please PM me or a drop a message in the discussion thread.

Gimp XCF for making liveries is posted here:
The car and skin template now support adding graphics to the back of the drivers seat.

Demo Race:


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Latest updates

  1. ffb & lod adjustments, framerate improvements

    I was hoping to get some new animations into 0.8.2, but that is proving to be a much bigger task...

Latest reviews

thx for this mod!!! its great. good work! one annoying thing that i found was that on straight line kart is turning a little bit right without me touching anything(maybe its because im using a controller dunno) but i can live with that. othervise great mod)))
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The physics are great and the kart ist really fun to drive around, especially on tracks with nice height differences.

The big issue remains the framerate. I'm on an RTX 3070, ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram and only get around 13fps with 5 karts on track. That definitely shouldn't happen and makes any kind of Ai or MP racing impossible. (For reference, night rain racing with 40 GT3 Ai cars is no issue)

There's some great potential in this kart. If you manage to fix the framerate then it's a good and solid 5/5 kart!
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Love it!
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Great upgrade. The Kart now handle much better and the phisics feel much realistic. Thank you.
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