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GoKart Skins Pack All Karting + Crew v1.0

GoKart Skins Pack All Karting + Crew v1.0 2018-12-07

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Hi, here is my first mod or pack the skins share on RaceDepartment
I am amateur I create with Paint.NET

The original link of the mod

Package Content:
20 skins made mainly for the 125cc + 125 shifter version.
In addition there is a pack of skins for all other categories 50, 100, 250 etc.
Read the readme file of mod for installation.

Preview Youtube

Preview Images



GoKart Original mod Author: rex1825

Author: Cercata GoKart v0.5c
("data" files come from there just a few small changes make their appearance with my mod).

Author: Esotic GoKart Skin Pack V1.0 with his permission to use his skins

By Dani Kiss Go Kart 125 Shifter for AC 1.12.
For its 12 skins that I use in the category 250cc + 250s
And some data file "wing_animations" etc.

I'm sorry in Dani Kiss's meadow I did not ask him if I could use this in my mod pack.
if there are problems, ask me to withdraw from the pack skins I am French and I can not find on the internet where to request Dani's meadow, but I quote you the author all the mod textures et "data" file.

Instevs36 for 125s texture pack + others

I use google translation to understand you and translate the text, so sorry me bad english.

I do not ask anything I spent a long time for the mod, simple thank you in the comments or a blue thumb in the video will please me greatly :)

I have some questions for the person who knows the mod GoKart I miss textures for kart, to see to talk in the mod support and reviews on the 250 shifter in the version bonus mod.

To be able to make a version 1.1 of mod.
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Latest reviews

These are great! You've obviously put in a lot of work to make these look very realistic. Thanks!
I thank you, your mod made me want to finish mine and yes I tried to make a agreeable skins.
But not perfect
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It's a good pack, should work on making the realistic skins such as TonyKart 2018, Sodi 2018, Kosmic, Energy Course, RFM, GGM etc
Thank you for your return, yes there is always way to do better, personally I will not create more livery for GoKart.
If other people / moddeur want to do that would be good indeed.

And I'm not a pro in this discipline that is karting.
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