Streaming? Sweet!!

Streaming? Sweet!! 2022.04.07

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This .Zip contains the four primary apps that I created (or modded) and use when I'm streaming Assetto Corsa online races (especially for leagues).

An example race demonstrating these apps in use:

These apps were previously available individually:

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Latest updates

  1. BCast Subtitle & Standing Changes, AutoCam Countdown Delay

    BCast updates include MiniPreviews in the Subtitle (which require some work on your end to...
  2. Preferred Drivers Bug Fixes

    Fixed a few bugs related to using the PreferredDrivers INI option.
  3. Replay Support Bug Fix and Support File Adjustment

    I found a bug when testing with replay files when drivers disconnect and reconnect, which I've...

Latest reviews

Very nice app ! Do you know if we can hide some infos in BCast Subtitles ?
There is a "theme" system if you look in the INIs and img folders.
Must-have app.
Thank you for making this very useful app.
Is it possible to display the fastest lap?
I don't know how to display it, so I use other apps only for that part.
Been using this for broadcasting our league races for almost two years. Brilliant for low touch streaming - battle and gap logic evolved nicely and this entire season has seen it catch almost all the interesting bits of our races. Thanks @Esotic!
Awesome and very well designed - essential for streaming.
does anyone now a tutorial in order to stream with this apps?
I'm using Auto Cam and BCast, and both are excellent. Especially BCast providing a leaderboard that works with replays, something I've wanted so bad.
It works on non-English computers if you downloaded the English TTS-Voices.
Turn it on, it does everything on your replay, brilliant. Thanks !
Just fantastic!
Thank you for your service! ;-)
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