AI Line Helper

AI Line Helper 2022.03.08

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Demo Video:

AI Lines Extended Tutorial:

Partial Side Lines Demo:

Extended Tutorial Corrections/Additions/Clarifications
9:30 I should have said “I like the FX17 for recording side lines” 15:50 You don’t need to start recording a fast_lane at the start/finish line, and you should plan to run at least 2 laps before using the candidate
17:10 I currently think AI can benefit from a fast_lane created with the same car you are planning to race. I.E. a fast lane recorded with an FA01 is good for the FA01, but maybe not as good for regular road cars
18:25 You do not need to hit the button to “save AI”, that’s actually for folks working on mod cars
19:50 The AI can’t always manage some turns the same as a human driver would, so if you recognize one those scenarios you may want the fast_lane to be different than the ideal_line.
21:50 I meant to click the second “start recording” button to record a pit_lane candidate

VALUE entries in the ai_hints.ini can be greater than 1.0.

There's a thread over on the official AC forums that describes how you can use CSV files to define the track boundaries when creating AI Lines.

This app attempts to help automate some of that process by letting you "drive" the left and right track boundaries (using the front left and right tires accordingly). After recording the boundaries you can restart the hotlap session while holding "shift" in order to request AC use the CSV files you've just recorded.

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Latest updates

  1. size multiplier

    This version now supports a "SizeMult" in the INI that should scale all the UI elements by the...
  2. Enhanced Logging

    This version is not likely to be much different than the last one, but I adjusted the logging to...
  3. Increased support for A2B tracks

    This version should support more A2B tracks than before. If anyone has issues recording side...

Latest reviews

You're brilliant esotic. Your contributions to the sim community are simply incredible.
Made a lot of things easier! This is a fast and efficient way to make your own fast_lane or improve broken fast_lanes on modded/downloaded tracks. Must have for any track builder!
It won't generate a groveline.ini for me even though I have it set to 1 in the ini.
This app is absolutely great for fixing odd AI whether its the track border or ideal line. However, if I don't hold down the shift key every time I load a track, it does not incorporate the side line I created in the fast lane ai file. I originally just tried to re-create a fast lane with the original side line of the track, but after one recorded lap, the red side lines disappeared hence, the need to create the track borders. So it seems the new side lines are not truly incorporating into the fast lane file. It's not really that big of a deal but, when I play this track months down the road, I'll have a senior moment and be wondering why cars off the starting grid are using the pit lane exit, shooting cones into the air!
must have app, PERIOD!!
Great app, making track limits is simple and the author was very helpful. Highly recomended.
Awesome work!
Thank you! :-)
Fantastic. Worked perfectly and so easy to use. Thank you for this very useful tool.
So much better than cutting off parts of the track to influence the racing line (as I did before). Wonderful APP, very easy to use. Thanks a lot for your work.
Thx for updating this useful app
Awesome contribution to the AC community, thanks so much!
works great
I have wanted something like this for ages, maybe the tracks I have made will be worth releasing now the AI stops hitting the walls.

Two questions though:-

1 my lane edges are not yellow they are red, thats if they even show up at all, yet it creates the side L or side R files.

2 sometimes after completing the lap nothing happens, you mention a finalize, so should i be pressing something that starts that process?

Is there a readme file, i dont seem be able to find one.

Thanks for the APP its a brilliant idea.
Thanks for all the work!
Makes things possible. Excellent.
Excellent app and a very friendly and helpful author, 5/5!
Really great tool ! Thanks a lot !!!
Surely an excellent tool, but I too am having an issue where the AI helper box does not show. Can you offer any clue on what I must do ? I copy pasted the unzipped files into my AC root folder, I even put ENTER spaces into the ini file just in case it was that that was blocking, the app doesn't appear in car :/
Most of the most useful apps I've seen for AC, very impressed

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