1. haasje33

    World Endurance Modding team recruiting

    Hi sim racing enthusiasts, My name is Danny, aka haasje33. I'm the initiator of the FIA WEC 2019/2020 mod, which is available on Steam Workshop and currently has about 2500 subscribers. I've assembled a small team working on this mod under the name World Endurance Modding. The WEC mod is close...
  2. holacrosty

    Misc GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty

    holacrosty submitted a new resource: GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty - Sun / Shadow / Ambient / Colour alignment & correction. Read more about this resource...
  3. Mit dieser Grafik Mod ist Assetto Corsa wohl das schönste Rennspiel 2020

    Mit dieser Grafik Mod ist Assetto Corsa wohl das schönste Rennspiel 2020

    So schön kann Simracing sein. Racedepartment Modder "Master" hat sich mit seinem Filter "Horizon Shaders" mehr als nur selbst übertroffen.
  4. J

    [Question] F1 2018 Texture Looks Blurry Despite Ultra High Settings

    Hi, first post in this forum. I've been bothered by F1 2018 (PC) displaying poor texture quality despite having ultra high settings on the graphics as possible. Wondering if it's a bug with the game or there's some work around to it please? Thanks. If you could pay attention to the Redbull...
  5. mandula

    December Graphics Progress Report: South City and Night Lighting

    Live for Speed developers posted a new graphics progress report - this time we get to see a work-in-progress version of South City and some screenshots and videos about the night lighting. Read the official article here: EDIT: progress report forum thread...
  6. A

    "Nsuka" fix for terrain and materials 2019-10-11

    The "Nsuka" ("Naruto Skyline") turned out to have had a great potential for visual improvement. For that to happen I made a config for the materials and edited terrain textures for color balance. The full fix needs Custom Shaders Patch to be active. Sol works well too. The track looks good...
  7. Ben-Rogue

    Visual Overhaul Mod

    MOD AVAILABLE! Download from my public Google Drive: Ben-Rogues DiRT Mods v1.08 I've included a Read Me with the install instructions Check back regularly for updates and videos! Updates: General: -Added No Bloom Mod as of v1.05 -Added easier fix for crashes on 4+ core CPUs as of v1.06...
  8. Aratbone

    Ferrari F40 Graphics Improvement 1.32

    Updated Exterior AO, maps and shaders New wheel shaders and AO New rim blur textures Some minor interior AO and shaders for misc parts Matched colors to the real car Shader Patch Features/Fixes: Fixed Wheel Shadow problems with Shadowed Wheels extension Toned down brightness of emissives for...
  9. Aratbone

    BMW 1M Graphics Improvement 1.2

    New rim shaders and brake AO Exterior AO and shaders/maps including Exhaust Tips Color matched door handles as per the real car Removed green tint from glass and tyres New rear lights AO, textures and shaders Cleaned up badges Darkened interior a bit(Not much else I could do as it isn't properly...
  10. Iceyy

    Ultra Realistic Graphics 1.0

    Hi. I was playing a bit with Reshade and GeForce Game Filter and this is the result: For my GeForce Game Filter settings watch my Tutorial: All you need is Nvidia GeForce Experience and the zip file below. Hope you like it :) Greetings Icey
  11. Aratbone

    RSR Formula 3 Graphics Improvements 2019-04-29

    Graphics Improvements for both Dallara f317 and f312 by RSR Updated shaders on almost every material, new exterior maps Updated Wheels, Tyres, and Brakes Removed compression noise and color artifacts from tyre contact patch area Reworked Interior New glass To install: Just extract into...
  12. Aratbone

    Toyota GT86 Graphics Improvement 1.1

    Updated wheels, brakes, & tyres textures and maps New exterior AO and maps Cleaned up badges a bit, and reworked exterior plastics New rear lights Full AO and new shaders for the interior Removed green tint from gauges glass To install: Just extract into assettocorsa directory and then run...
  13. Aratbone

    Audi Quattro Rally Graphics Improvement 1.01

    Updated wheels, brakes, and tyres Adjusted the exterior shaders Did a complete AO for the interior For VR users and those that use the interior cams in replay this will be a huge quality upgrade. To install: Just extract into assettocorsa directory and then run JSGME to enable, or drag and...
  14. Aratbone

    Ruf Yellowbird Graphics Improvement 1.4

    Updated wheels, brakes, and tyres Adjusted shaders and maps for exterior Added shadow in side air intakes, added rear roof and engine vents Sharpened/cleaned auxiliary light textures and adjusted shaders for light glass Interior cleanup and new seatbelts Updated emblems Darkened rear wing and...
  15. GTAce

    Solstice 4.75

    DISCLAIMER: Graphics mods, ReShade presets and PPFilters are always a matter of taste. I'm not saying this is the best mod out there, but I personally like my settings more than anything available. Anyway, this is Solstice, my personal enhancement for Sol and the Custom Shaders Patch. Its...
  16. P

    AMS and FPS issues down to 30fps

    hi all, have been wanting and trying to get into AMS, but am struggling to get FPS to stay constant or at show some overall stability. test: Ultima GTR race track: brands hatch gp - no other vehicles - graphics settings maxed out. in pits starts with 95fps but then immediately drops to 50fps...
  17. M

    Vive Pro, RTX 2080Ti, 8700k VR Settings Questions

    Hey Everyone! I have a pretty high end right with an RTX 2080Ti, 8700k OC at 4.8, 32gb ram, running off an M.2 and I race with a Vive Pro. I tried using the Natural_Mod but under sunlight on the tracks everything looks a little too bright and washed out. Does anyone else have this issue? Is...
  18. Deankenny

    F1 2018 Photo Realistic Graphic Mod 2018-09-28

    Credit goes to Moiker for this one, but he has not updated for quite a while, so felt the need to upload it for 2018 as it does a fantastic job on this newest version of the game. Content: Reshade effects tuned (shaders): [[Curves]] [[DepthOfField]] [[AdaptiveSharpen]] [[FilmicPass]]...
  19. PikaBoltF1Fan

    New to F1 2012... Official FIA Rules & driving assistance

    Hey. I'm not new to Codemasters F1 games, as I have 3 (2009 on Wii, 2011 on 3DS, & 2012 for Xbox 360. My question is this. I'm just now starting my first career & season, with custom difficulty settings (so I can set up the race & driving assists to my liking, & only have to turn up the AI...
  20. M

    Vive Pro - Project Cars 2 Settings

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to get PCars 2 VR Settings clear for the HTC Vive Pro to no luck. I had SteamVR SS per application at 100% and moved the SS in Project Cars 2 VR Settings to 1.4, and it looked ok in daytime, but once there was a nighttime track everything was jagged and jittery...