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  1. Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    How to setup all important graphic Mods in Assetto Corsa. Disclaimer: Video in German!
  2. holacrosty

    GTR2 Nords Wip DX9 trying (2 sshots)

    I dont know if I am doing something wrong. Im trying to update tracks to DX9 (after correcting a single fault) with my "New GTR2 Shaders" (dev version GFX) uncompressed in the "hardawareshaders" folder 3dsimed. But I dont know if they are load. Becouse they have the same names. Or I have to do...
  3. estellia

    Emil PPFilter 0.3.2

    Requirements: Latest SOL 2.1.2 or higher CSP 0.1.74 or higher For questions (suggestions, bug reports etc.) please use the Ask a question/Discussion feature, not the review page. This filter relies heavily on the Sol custom config, so i don't suggest using a different weather controller...
  4. B

    WRC9 Odd Graphics card discovery...

    I have got WRC 8+9 running very smoothly in the past and even made a quick video tutorial about how to do that. But I switched monitors recently and noticed some small issues cropping up. I checked all my settings in game and nothing was different, I tried lowering every graphics setting in...
  5. holacrosty

    GTR2 Final 15 shots. New lighting & shaders.

    THese are from 1.5 version. From sunrise to sunset. FPS are better than the previous "lighting patch 1.1" specially at sunrise and sunset. FPS are the same than original GFX.gtr. I have not run a benchmark but I think they are more stable now. Also reduced flicker and shadow overlapping...
  6. Drattez

    Realistic Graphics Mod 1.2

    Realistic Shaders Mod, make sure to download reshade first! (and check all the shaders, just to make sure) How to install the mod, Extract the .rar file and put the Profile folder in your F1 2020 directory, After that, install the reshade mod (make sure to check all the shaders except legacy)...
  7. F

    Does anyone know how to fix this graphical glitch?

    On the tatuus FA01 the wheel shows up white, i already deleted the entire car and verified the files through steam to download it again, i also checked the skin texture and its perfectly fine. this only happens with this car specifically
  8. holacrosty

    GTR2 Nurburgring Nords. Ok. this one is just for eye candy.

    Hey guys. WelI..I found that a most precise geolocation and racedate will even make the shaders work properly on angles of incidence of lighting and shadows. But there are still problems with the shaders. Shadows still overlap, but much less. Fog is not linear. Specular gets inside the casted...
  9. holacrosty

    GTR2 Comparison shot for the Shader guy

    Shader guy.. my new GFX is the 1st.. and I tried the other way but it doesnt call the SRPL even with the DX9 pack.. or I am missing something. But it is clear to me that is has to be done on a per track basis. Because all tracks are different. There is no standard. So it might be cool so if we...
  10. holacrosty

    GTR2 shots of WIP: new Ligthing Patch and New Shaders

    This new patch will include a new GFX also. I have not check FPS exactly but I think it remains the same. They are very important for me but also the graphics. Well guys I use (and recomend) 6500 kº temperature color for your monitor. But does this still look good on your monitor? Here some...
  11. Don Pedro

    RBR P.O.R.N. 2.0 (Graphics Mod)

    -----------------------------------WORK IN PROGRESS------------------------ Be adviced that for the time being this is not a final release but something like a Beta-build that will be updated and patched during the following weeks. And will be updated whenever there is a new stage coming out...
  12. Whills

    Ultimate Shader Pack for rFactor 1.0

    Please Note: This addon is mainly made for developers and pro gamers, install at your own risk. This mod does NOT improve graphics. The function of this mod is to prevent the shader missing issue that often happens in rFactor if you have lots of mods installed. With this shader pack, all...
  13. MAdCaL1993

    Better Static Reflection Cubemap 1.0

    A quick kn5 edit that's meant for those who use static reflections for squeezing those extra bit of FPS. It gets rid of the treeline in the horizon of the reflection cubemap because it breaks the immersion especially when paired with a low reflection resolution. BEFORE: Notice the treeline in...
  14. iG_ADVM

    Adam's Sol Enhanced | Realism Filter for Sol 2.0 4.0.2

    Sol Enhanced is now RECREATED and updated for SOL 2.0 DISCORD Feel free to join my discord server for this mod. You can receive any help you might need, post your videos and images and hopefully, in the near future, create a small community and keep growing this project together...
  15. vadhil

    AMS SweetFX Natural Soft Light 2020-06-24

  16. holacrosty

    Misc GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty

    holacrosty submitted a new resource: GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty - Sun / Shadow / Ambient / Colour alignment & correction. Read more about this resource...
  17. Mit dieser Grafik Mod ist Assetto Corsa wohl das schönste Rennspiel 2020

    Mit dieser Grafik Mod ist Assetto Corsa wohl das schönste Rennspiel 2020

    So schön kann Simracing sein. Racedepartment Modder "Master" hat sich mit seinem Filter "Horizon Shaders" mehr als nur selbst übertroffen.
  18. J

    F1 2018 [Question] F1 2018 Texture Looks Blurry Despite Ultra High Settings

    Hi, first post in this forum. I've been bothered by F1 2018 (PC) displaying poor texture quality despite having ultra high settings on the graphics as possible. Wondering if it's a bug with the game or there's some work around to it please? Thanks. If you could pay attention to the Redbull...
  19. mandula

    December Graphics Progress Report: South City and Night Lighting

    Live for Speed developers posted a new graphics progress report - this time we get to see a work-in-progress version of South City and some screenshots and videos about the night lighting. Read the official article here: https://www.lfs.net/report-dec2019-so EDIT: progress report forum thread...
  20. A

    "Nsuka" fix for terrain and materials 2019-10-11

    The "Nsuka" ("Naruto Skyline") turned out to have had a great potential for visual improvement. For that to happen I made a config for the materials and edited terrain textures for color balance. The full fix needs Custom Shaders Patch to be active. Sol works well too. The track looks good...