Salzburgring 1.01

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  1. Salzburgring

    - Fixed Hotlap starting point.

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very nice track
Well made track with lots of details, though its very demanting for the CPU, and all those barrels should really be solid.

Al lill ride:
The AI cut the chicane every single time, and clip right through the barrels. They also put tires off at other points in the track every single lap. So the track is useless for offline races.
Very nicely done! Great job on the surroundings as well, little hills, details and animals :p contribute to a great atmosphere, merci!
Is my favorite track that I have downloaded for AC. Simple with very nice flow. I like specially for old cars
... super Track ... Thx
A very great mod track, it's very good for single seaters, both old or modern ones.
The Lotus 72D works very well on this track for instance.

Well done ! And Thanks for this fantastic track :).
Great track, nice flow, tricky corners (e.g. the long bend in the 2nd sector).
Beautiful surroundings.
One small gripe: AI messes up at the first chicane after the start.
Really nice circuit. It feels quite short because of the fast flowing sections but there is also a sense that you can lose a lot of time towards the middle of the lap if you don't get it absolutely perfect. There are no complaints from me about this track mod I wish more tracks were as well made.

I used this track to give the new Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport a try and I was surprised to find I managed to claw my way up to 3rd place on RSR's Live Timing App.

The lap is here if anyone is interested:
Wow... Just... Wow...

Salzburgring V. 1.01 show left and right spline fix
Really well made track, nice details and FPS performance. Despite of the simple look of the map it's a real fun to drive, it was one of my favorite track even in rFactor 1, so thank you for the Assetto Corsa version!
Excelent! i live 20 Minutes away from the Ring!
wohoooo full throttle (VOLLGAS :)) :)
Excellent mod-track, plenty of detail in the steering-feedback plus well-visualized elevation changes all across the course. An absolute blast to drive whether its in a DTM E30 or McLaren P1.
Possibly the best track I have downloaded for AC (and I have downloaded about 30 of them).
Looks fantastic, as good as the original released ones and plays fantastic too.
Most certainly worth a download.
Well done.
I like this track for supercars and great work out there. Thanks.
love it :)