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Corvette C7.R

Corvette C7.R 1.0

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Corvette C7.R by UnitedRacingDesign
Special thanks to Renato Semioni for help with physics
File size
86.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.81 star(s) 64 ratings

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Latest reviews

* Default gearing is way too short, car barely reaches 235 Km/h;
* Even with longer gear ratios, the car feels underpowered and struggles to reach 250 Km/h, even with a low wing configuration
just wow, awesome work!
Great job!!!
Very easy to install, great sound. Handles fine too
I love this car! Thank you :)
Great FFB, brakes, nice made inside, the best mod of all i downloaded in AMS so far.
Fun to drive.
Amazing car, thanks.
Amazing Job mate !!!
Great mod and car. Thanx. Note. When oil temp has three digits, last digt is only half in cockpit display.
awesome work, great feeling on track
Super ..thanks mate much appreciated
Please do more gt3 cars, absolutely beautiful! thank you so much
Suspension feels very unbelievable, too stiff and Kingpin probably off. that may be subjective, I didn't check the telemetry, but when you put 100% brake input in and the tires only start locking up at like 20mph, you know there is something very off with this mod.
3D model and dash are 5 stars definitely (outstanding work!), sound 5'ish stars too, physics are 2-3 stars, maybe I should have given 4 stars overall, but it just feels too wrong for that, sorry.
Everything feels, looks and sounds right with this car mod. A detailed cockpit with good perspective. The handling feels realistic and as you would expect when watching cockpit footage of the C7 in WEC, for example. The sound is like a continuously exploding death star and sounds awesome!
So Good.
It handles very well and the sounds are exciting.

Shame there is no Icon for the menu screen though?
Is it possible?
Really enjoy this C7 mod. My favorite mod on long, fast tracks. Great work !!
Really good. Great fun on the new Imola tracks, thank you very much.
Superb work! WARNING: this car can be extremely addicting! This is what Reiza should be working on! Amazing!
Quite possibly the best Corvette I've driven in any sim. and sounds awesome..
Looks great and drives great. Thanks!