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Tracks Salzburgring 1.01

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Hi , great track ! one of my favorites!
now that AC has MP pit stops the pit stops on this track are not set up ?
you have to put the car inside the garage ..lol makes it hard for league races and our league will not approve the track for use w/o the pit stops fixed ! ..
we can fix it ourselves with your permission ? (one of our members has made the fix for personal use)

or can you up date it with proper MP pit stops ?

Thanks ;-)
Salzburgring V. 1.01 show left and right spline fix

No Fix


Assetto Corsa - SandroX - Track Mod - Salzburgring 1.01 (2006) T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - SandroX - Track Mod - Salzburgring 1.01 (2006) T500RS 60FPS (TV-Cam)
I love this circuit,
But I have a problem,
the sand is transparent,
it's the only circuit that does that to me,
Where could it come from?


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If anybody is interested in solid barrels in both chicanes, I can provide a version with them. The transparent sand seems to be a CSP bug, if you turn off CSP everything looks fine. Needs some investigation.