Ferrari SF15-T

Ferrari SF15-T 0.7

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Base hi-poly model by Tuan
Helmet models and helmets skins by jvinu2000
Drivers suits and gloves textures by Tomek
Sounds by NeverKrash
Physics by P_Johann
Model optimization, UV mapping, texrues, skins, ingame work by SandroX

What is missing:
- No Kimi :rolleyes:
- No damage and dust textures
- No LODs, visibility 40m
- No backfire
- No HR cockpit

Latest reviews

Great mod. too bad that it disappear when racing...
Still hoping for an update!
Works well when I'm hotlapping but when I set a race of 22 of these, my opponents cars disappear when they're far away and I just see the drivers floating. LOD glitch or what?
Pretty much everything is fine, however it's barely playable because of the FFB. Whenever I'm driving fast without steering, the wheel vibrates violently for no reason. Just a few degrees of steering and it's gone.

T500 RS (599XX Alcantara)
Looks very promising, looking forward to the full version. Thanks!
Awesome job, would like to see more F1 mods with this quality. Looking forward to the F1 2016 season to be made like this.
Excellent work. I drive F1 cars mostly in SP alone in training and its already just about perfect! The cockpit looks very nice (except for the leds, but hell its a beta :D) and feels very "right". Sounds and physics are very good from what I can tell and Im very excited for the full version! ;)
Fantastic mod. Model, sounds, and handling are incredible. However, the WEICHAI logo on the front of the car needs to be smaller.
very good fix distance 40 feet please :)

Fantastic work, still a few bits on bobs needed to work on the physics (and things already mentioned) but otherwise simply amazing! Full review of 0.7 up on that link for developers ^^
Outstanding work on this. This is the first F1 mod for AC that's really felt like it drives correctly. Great work on the sound and visuals too. Looking forward to the final version!
Really nice model, sound and handling, highly recommended
Steve Bird
Superb. Sound, graphics and physics are spot on. Well done mate.
the best mod for assetto (80gb mods I have) THANKS
This car is only a beta?? It's amazingly beautiful, and probably the best sounding v6 turbo hybrid f1 car available!!
Absolutely Mint feeling car. Well done, and thankyou!
Excellent mod!! Cant wait until you refine it more.
Incredible car!!! Excellent job SandroX! Can't wait for v1.0...
Not sure why people are rating this low when it must be a problem on their system. This is fantastic, love it. This feels how a 2015 Spec F1 car should be.
Handling terrible on my side for some reason.
I use the latest version of Assetto Corsa.
You can turn the wheel as much as possible, I can't even take a corner at minimum speed. Is it normal?
Absolutely AMAZING ! and SandroX you are a GENIUS for the HELMET !!!! Thank you so much to have made the REAL helmet. WOW WOW WOW ! and to think this is version 0.7 an extra WOW !!!

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50.2 MB
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