RedBull X2010

RedBull X2010 1.2.2

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Car model by Tuan
Physics by P_Johann
Sounds by Fonsecker
UV mapping, textures, skin, ingame work by SandroX

Special thanks:
F1SR, Stuart Phillips
Yaniv Dekel
File size
128.9 MB
First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 75 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. RedBull X2010 1.2.2

    - Updated sounds
  2. RedBull X2010 1.2.1

    - fixed data.acd file NOTE: Who downloaded 1.2, no need to redownload 1.2.1 just rename...
  3. RedBull X2010 v1.2

    - v10 tires - added Dashboard camera - added new backfire effect - Improved materials - New...
  4. RedBull X2010 v1.1

    - fixed S1 door animation - improved carpaint material - improved original skin - improved menu...

Latest reviews

crazy car, love it :) thanks
Just Love it!
After more or less reitired my ps3 with Gran Turismo 5 an 6, this car alone was the reason to why i Bought AC Ultimate Edition at 50% off for 39,88€, 5 October 2019.

*** Don't bother DL the stage 2 version, it doesn't work ***
(At least not 20 October 2019)

But what a game!
One of the best game purchases I've ever done.
Excelent speed, and very good texture model !
hey i dont wanna be the guy to downvote while asking a question, but i cant get the Redbull S1 to move. the file just will not move but the normal one will. amazing car though even for the standard one!
Great car, wow.
Just speed.
this thing is .... just THE car perfect looking perfect handling
this design on F1 with a closed fighter jet like cockpit instead of that disgusting looking halo ..... sadly just a dream
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Not loading anytime I try.
truly awesome
the car can't load because there isn't a file .ini i don't understand why
Insane warp speed what a rush
It`s a very good mod
Craziest thing I've ever driven - so much fun.
drives like it`s glued to the road!
Godlike! That's insane. If you can make the SRT Tomahawk X, i will download it immediately!
This is absolutely awesome - only just got into AC and your mod was on a list of "MUST HAVES" and I can see why! Brilliant, superb, fantastic...thank you.
This thing is NUTZ absolutly FAST and clings like a burdock
This thing is awesome. Makes F1 cars seem slow
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