Riverside International Raceway

Riverside International Raceway 1.1

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This is my second, scratch built, track for AC and is what I believe to be the most accurate version of Riverside to date. Many hours have been spent to re-create this great track as close to the original as possible. A combination of topo maps, aerial photos, and hours and hours of video have been used to bring this track back to life. It is roughly modeled as if it was 1988 during the final Budweiser 400. Four layouts are included which are the Long, Short, NASCAR, and Spike layouts.

Riverside sadly closed in 1989. Between the years of 1957-1988 it hosted many great racing series such as CAN-AM, IMSA, NASCAR, SCCA, IndyCar, and even Formula 1.

Track Features
  • 24 Pit Boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Dynamic road sand
  • Track map
  • Working AI
  • 4 TV cameras per layout
  • Time Attack
  • Rigel for the great road textures
  • Virtua_LM for allowing me to use some elements of their RV textures
  • Norbs for the cams
  • Tberg for the blimp
While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!






File size
237.5 MB
First release
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4.96 star(s) 199 ratings

Latest updates

  1. RIR

    Minor bug fix update to 1.1 Fixed strange Turn 9 wall behavior where it can seem to be slightly...
  2. RIR

    I decided to skip 0.9 and go straight to 1.0. Change Log: Added many many details. Too many to...
  3. RIR

    Change log: New layout! For the first time in any sim and since 1988 you can drive the "Spike"...
  4. RIR

    Change log: Slight elevation changes to both turns 7 and 8 Added normal maps along with other...
  5. RIR

    Change Log: Various new textures Added road crack sealer detail Fixed groove texture Tweaked...

Latest reviews

Absolutely brilliant! AI behave how'd you expect actual drivers to behave, and the track is very well detailed. It's good enough to be featured in the game, IMO.
So great to drive this track. I grew watching races there. Now "driving" it, is so much tougher than I imagined. Great job getting the detail from a closed down track. It drives so fast and you captured the flow perfectly.
the glorious Riverside Raceway awsome thanks for this great Work of Art !!!
super nice track.
Thanks a lot for all that's you have done for the community, if AC is still alive now it is thanks to people like you!
Great classic track, thanks !
Love this track! Was there in 1979 as a 21 year-old to see the LA Times Grand Prix of Endurance 6-hour race (a 935 parade). This brings back fond memories. Love running the Lola T70 around here. Thank you!
absolutly awesome!!
I have done a few practice laps in a Lola and love this track. The long straight is a real blast! Really nice detail. Thank you for your hard work on this beauty.
Favorite no-more track. Stunning retro track!
Driven in SRS(20Mins and 1H races) and makes a ton of fun. Looks just awesome. As good for Lotus 25 as for Corvette C7 GTLM
Great track, unfortunalely Rolf Stommelen died here, but still very good
Masterpiece! Great work LilSki!
Such a great track and really well-done recreation. Sad that it doesn't exist anymore
Amazing work on an amazing classic track. Looks beautiful, drives even better. A must have.
perfect circuit, amazing quality, thanks.-
Mandatory 5 star review.
Awesome work ...Thank you
this track is one of my favorites. Check it out with the golden age of NASCAR.

I was born in 1996 so unfortunately I never got to see this place but when my dad drove it in game he said it gave him chills how accurate this is! He said you absolutely nailed it! I myself have been driving it non-stop, such a fun track and a fantastic build! I would love to see you build Willow Springs GP and Streets!
Very good. Thanks