Riverside International Raceway

Riverside International Raceway 1.1

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Great track, unfortunalely Rolf Stommelen died here, but still very good
Masterpiece! Great work LilSki!
Such a great track and really well-done recreation. Sad that it doesn't exist anymore
Amazing work on an amazing classic track. Looks beautiful, drives even better. A must have.
perfect circuit, amazing quality, thanks.-
Mandatory 5 star review.
Awesome work ...Thank you
this track is one of my favorites. Check it out with the golden age of NASCAR.

I was born in 1996 so unfortunately I never got to see this place but when my dad drove it in game he said it gave him chills how accurate this is! He said you absolutely nailed it! I myself have been driving it non-stop, such a fun track and a fantastic build! I would love to see you build Willow Springs GP and Streets!
Very good. Thanks
epic track, the quality of this mod fits it in that special group of 'works of art' track mods for AC, great job thanks
great track
Still one of the best track mods out there. Also, a track with great history and an unfortunate end. Glad it is available virtually in such detail.
Great Work. Awesome track!! Keep it up!
Wow! I don't often use the 'A' word, but this track is indeed awesome, tried out with a Lancia Fulvia, lots of fun - thanks!
Great work! Had a blast running ACL gt classics on it. cant say enough. I believe Dan Gurney said this track should never be forgotten, you have helped in that regard.
Amazing track! Love the way it drives and it looks rather nice, too. I had zero issue unpacking it, but I've always used 7zip.
I came across this Mod just recently, and what a fantastic track, for an "Old School" driver like myself. So I took one of the classic cars from the AC Legends pack, and it suited this track down to the ground. Well done (again) Lilski, you done it again. And if you'd like to, then please feel free to check out my replay of your featured track here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTuUny7nGyw
Another top effort from Lilski. Trust in you to deliver quality historical circuits
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
My first Nascar race I ever went to was at Riverside 1975 . This is such a good recreation wow .Never thought no one would put this nice of work into my favorite road course . What other tracks has this guy built crazy good work Thank You . PS I built a few nice tracks myself . Had a website called ShortTrackSims but I am too busy to keep up with it . Id like to share some of my work with this guy but my tracks are built for rfactor 2.
Astonishingly good. Made for cars with big engines and no brakes. I've only really raced on the Nascar layout and the layout that is like the Nascar layout but theirs a little corner section. Absolutely no AI issues with these layouts.
Great Job! Thank you so much!!
Sweet track
Is wonderful. Thanks
Your circuits mods, is very good overall thank you
Not only a stock quality AAA piece of content for A.C, but an important piece of historical recreation.
Amazing track, but hoping for that AI update soon. Bots cannot currently handle the hairpin, which is a huge shame.
Very good track but AI crash at turn 7 of the long layout: all the machines goes offroad and don't move.
The last AC update caused this and I haven't had a chance to update it.
What a great track! I have a new favourite. Great work - this is art. Thanks a ton!
Fantastic -- Makes me realize how much I miss Riverside!
Amazing track, so much fun!
Great work.
Awesome work. Great ffb of the track. Nice feeling bumps etc. Also very detailed and a lot of stuff to see. Thank you! By the way, is there another option to donate, then per paypal? I dont like internet-banking and stuff like that..
Very good track
extremely well done, and fun fast track. thanks.
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