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Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen International 1.1

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I highly suggest you remove any previous versions before installing 1.1. I did away with the "endurance" layouts and just left the generator lights up all the time. So it is back down to 4 layouts with all being capable of night racing. Also the install process is back to a standard install. No more MODS folder or custom shaders required.
This track is built off of aerial LIDAR data from 2014. It is modeled as 2017/18. It includes 4 layouts which includes a "classic" non bus stop version of both long and short layouts.

Track Features
  • Shader patch support with custom lights
  • 4 extra "endurance" layouts that includes temporary track lighting for night races.
  • 43 Pit boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Dynamic rubbering of lines and curbs
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • TV Cameras
  • Time Attack support
While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!








File size
284 MB
First release
Last update
4.93 star(s) 311 ratings

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Latest reviews

Had a question regarding how to install the latest version and hoping you'r online to help. I just need to know where to drag and drop the files into my game folders. Any help would be appreciated
top notch
You did a fantastic job, thank you very much.
Well. I am very much impressed, Lilski. I thought this was near pro quality before but the track felt too perfectly smooth and the extra shaders were to be a pain to have to remember to deal with properly. The colors also seem more natural! Now it feels exactly like what Kunos themselves should make as a default track for the game!
Great job, once again!
Cool track !!!
I love this track. By far my favorite track to drive in all of AC.
Love it, thank you
Always top notch !
Fantastic work mate. You are such a genius ;-) Thanks a lot for improving your amazing track for us.
Good Job!!! Thank you :)
Magic at dawn, magic at night, this track level is up to 11.
Great track and now with improvements!
Excellent mod
Automatic 5.
excellent job!
always doing a great job, but I missed the animated Masrchalls
Great thank you!
Excellent,remind me GTR2,thank you very much.
Just great! Thank you very much
Fantastic, as always!
One of the best track mods for AC, thank you for your work.

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