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Riverside International Raceway 1.1


  1. RIR

    Minor bug fix update to 1.1
    • Fixed strange Turn 9 wall behavior where it can seem to be slightly sticky.
    • Fixed hole in mesh in Turn 8
    • Fixed hole where if you somehow went left of turn 9 you would fall off the map.
    • Added reverb zones to multiple areas around the track
    • Added AI hints to all layouts to help the AI run a bit faster in some areas.
  2. RIR

    I decided to skip 0.9 and go straight to 1.0.

    Change Log:
    • Added many many details. Too many to list on here.
    • Added 3D grass
    • All new AI for all layouts.
    • Fixed line shadow issues
    • Fixed flickering signs
    • Black lines are now physical. Should feel a small bump in the wheel as you go over them
    • Added wall marks at T9 and T6. Should get darker as race goes on.
  3. RIR

    Change log:
    • New layout! For the first time in any sim and since 1988 you can drive the "Spike" layout. Great layout for slower cars!
    • New AI for all layouts. There is some experimentation going on and am curious to hear what people think. Lap 1 through the esses should be a little less chaotic. Also if they are inside at the kink they shouldn't slam on the brakes.
    • Added Goodyear blimp that moves slowly from west to east with minor changes in position trajectory each time...
  4. RIR

    Change log:
    • Slight elevation changes to both turns 7 and 8
    • Added normal maps along with other details to terrain textures
    • Added RVs and cars around track
    • Fixed flickering hills behind turn 9
    • Added pit lane details. Pit box objects along with haulers are tied to grid size
    • Tweaked shader settings as it was much too bright overall before.
    • Minor tweaks to some bumps
    • Lowered number of people in grandstand to try and limit flickering of people
    • More TV cams...
  5. RIR

    Change Log:
    • Various new textures
    • Added road crack sealer detail
    • Fixed groove texture
    • Tweaked skid mark textures
    • Added crowd
    • Added turn 6 Tower and small Winston towers
    • Added some surrounding scenery
    • Fixed lines
    • Added signs
    • Added power polls/lines
    • Raised esses turn 4 hill/wall
    • Added dynamic road sand
    • Minor tweaks to some bumps on back straight and T1