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There are some issues with various 3rd party apps in AC that cause this track to crash due to the custom animations we are using. You might have to disable all your apps and turn them on one by one until you find the one causing the crash. Otherwise you can simply rename the extension folder that is inside the lilski_road_america track older. This will disable all custom grass and animations but the track will load. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the app developers to update their apps to support these newer CSP functions we are using.

Back in October 2018 this project started as a test track for the IER P13c and was technically supposed to just be a quick track project that was accurate but nothing special to look at. Once I started to drive it I knew it had to become a completed circuit.

This track is also the first joint project I have ever done with @Johnr777. The project was split into two basic categories. The track, land, walls, fences, etc. were mainly done by me. Where all the buildings and various objects around the course where done entirely by John. Basically without John this project would have taken twice as long and most likely wouldn't look nearly as nice.

So we present to you the first accurate Road America for Assetto Corsa. It supports many new CSP features such as grass fx, custom sounds, a few animated corner workers, and the blimp and banner plane won't just fly off into the sunset. It should also be setup for rain when that feature of CSP goes public. However for those of you that remain on the dark side of standard AC launcher and no CSP the track will function perfectly fine ;)

Track Features
  • 43 Pit boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • TV Cameras
  • Time Attack support
  • Some more optimization but should be pretty good already
  • More paddock/trackside details
  • Bike layout?
  • Lights?

While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!







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  1. Crash Fix

    We think we narrowed down the cause of the crash. So this should allow the track to work no...

Latest reviews

What a great track, very well made, works perfectly!
Outstanding rendition of this terrific track. Thanks so much for your time & effort.
The track is very well made. My only request to arrive to full 5 stars is to get the night lights
Lights are coming chill out...
Great interpretacion of thgis awesomer and difficult track.
Great track ! Thank you !
Absolutely Great Job
Awesome content great job. really close to iRacing version. I will make comparison video.
Great job Kev, this is fantastic.
Superb work ! Road America is my favorite track and trust me, this one is the best one you can find for Assetto Corsa. The only problem i have found is that the kerb do not make any sound where you pass on it (sound only happen when you go throug de the stones) and there is no light for night race (if somewone now how to do it, please make it like in Project CARS 2 ) !
Yeah my mistake on the curbs and I have fixed it already for the next update. As for lights yes we were entertaining a similar look to my Watkins with the generator lights around the course and probably some signs lit up.
Incredible stuff. Many thanks to you and John for this masterpiece. Nice easter eggs on the plane banner too.
Thanks to precisely placed kerb stones, I can attack just like in reality.
Awesome work!!! Do the lights please, thx
Five stars without any hesitation. Incredible attention to the detail.
Great track. Thanks Kevin, John, Leonardo & Tberg!
Perfect! Thank you for the hard work.
Fantastic track mod. Great attention to detail and real pleasure to drive on
Great. I can't comment on accuracy as it is not my area, but the execution is high quality. Would be OK paying money for it; yet we get it for free!
Truly wonderful version of this great track. It's a real blast to drive and it looks absolutely stunning. There's so much work that goes into creating something as well executed as this and huge credit must go to the fact that it runs so well whilst being so full of detail. Hats off to you guys!! Huge thanks!!
Well, it is wonderful. We're so lucky to have mods like this and modders like you. It is such a pleasure to drive on this track. Oh, and those damn marshalls are putting me off! Fantastic!
Thank you. Donations made
Unfortunately it keeps crashing for me. But from what I've seen on YouTube, this track looks amazing. I look forward to driving on it!
The issue is various apps. Try disabling all apps and the track will load without issue. BLM released an update recently to fix an issue with it but there are other apps causing the crash. If you don't want to disable the apps you can go to the track folder and rename the extension folder which will disable all custom CSP options but the track will load.
Simply superb!
Brilliant track! One of those which was available on every platform, but none of them quite hits the nail on the head like this one. Is this using LIDAR data for elevation?
Seriously good. My favourite track just got better. I do think an RD news article should be created when LilSki releases a new track!
Fantastic work.
Awesome, thanks so much!
better then in iRacing , awesome job
I love the details in the surface and the overall quality. Kind of need to learn again how to drive this classic track :D A bit lower FPS for my old machine but it's really enjoyable. No other issues whatsoever.

If you need additional two camera sets from IMSA 2019 and Static, head on here:
Great job!!!
as normal for lilski a master piece great job 5 stars
The level of detail is amazing! I was there in 2017 for the IndyCar weekend. I was toodling around off track this morning, and parked by the building near turn 8. I saw the window where I ordered a Bratwurst and cheese curds, and the picnic table where I ate :). Shot you $5 on Paypal. Thanks from a cooped up 65 year old.
Very good !
Very nice!!!
great job ;)