Bridgehampton Race Circuit

Bridgehampton Race Circuit 2.0

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This was my first ever track but in 2.0 it has basically become my 4th. This is a total rebuild due to finding some better data. Turn 1 is now based on Lidar data from 2004 (Thanks Emery!). That data along with a newer higher resolution aerial photo allowed me to get this track even more accurate than it was. I also used this opportunity to apply some lessons I learned building Riverside and NJMP to make Bridgehampton look and perform even better.

Built in 1957 the Bridgehampton Race Circuit was located in the heart of the Hamptons on Long Island NY. It was in operation until 1997 when ever growing public displeasure with the track caused it to be converted to a golf course. This track is modeled after the later years around the late 80's and early 90's when wild grass was everywhere and the trees were tall.

Track Features
  • 24 Pit boxes (The model supports 44 if you edit the number in the json file)
  • Complete 3D terrain
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Dynamic road sand
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • 4 TV Cameras (2 by Norbs)
  • 3D grass (high, very high, maximum levels)
  • Time Attack support
  • Additional camera sets: Norbs
  • 3D people: Lemax
  • Generic low poly cars/tents: Darren Blythe (VIR)
  • Low poly Caterham: Ben O'Bro
  • Low poly super cars and trucks: Fat-Alfie
  • Virtua_LM for allowing me to use some elements of their RV textures
While not required please feel free to donate a buck or two if you enjoy this track. Thanks!

This video shows the differences between 1.1 and 2.0








Latest updates

  1. The Bridge

    REMOVE OLD TRACK FOLDER FIRST! DO NOT OVERWRITE! This is a complete rebuild of Bridgehampton...
  2. Bridge 1.1

    Well 1.0 was supposed to be it but I had to fix a few things. While I was at it I added and...
  3. Bridge 1.0

    Well here it is the big 1.0! !!!! YOU MUST DELETE THE OLD FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING 1.0 ...

Latest reviews

Thank you for doing this track, I'm from Long Island and it's such a massive part of our racing history. Now, there only remains one racetrack on L.I. and even then many people are looking to develop it into another shopping center. Thank you for recreating L.I. history so well.
Yeah Riverhead is the last holdout and man that property has to be worth so much now. I don't get a chance to go there much but when I am in Riverhead, and there is a race, I love that I can still hear it. Wife thinks I'm nuts but I always have to stop and listen. I grew up out here but sadly too young to have attended a race at the Bridge. Still by far my favorite track to drive.
Tried it just now and it's really great. A nice mix of straights, fast sweepers and slower hairpins (but not too slow). Haven't raced it yet but it seems like it'd race very well. Thanks for your excellent work!
Still an amazing track all these years later!
Love it!!. I like bumpy roads that rip your FFB about all over the place and create a driving challenge!! Not like those smoothies that everyone else seems to make!! Why don't people get it!!?!? Bumpy tracks are fun, smoothies are boring!!
one of the best track i have ever enjoy with my steering wheel in the game , really nice track i love it so much , thanks for it :D
really like when you can speed it up with lovely corners to come .
My God this track is a blast. F1 car on this track is such a fluid drive, superfast, bumpy, just brilliant!
Insanely good!
Use the cars from this video for super fun AI racing:
Fast & fun! This is my new favorite track. It's just non-stop action with lots of passing opps. Fantastic job!
Nice mod
Must have for classic cars! Fun to drive and amazing quality!
One of my favorite tracks!
Beautiful track, amazingly well-made. Thanks a lot!
Very good, thank you!!
one of THE BEST, thx for you create it and thx Jimmer for showing it to me
A sophisticated modeling artwork, respect!
your work is amazing!
This track is amazing. Great flow and you can really carry some speed. One of my all time favorites
I raced at this track from 91 through 97 and I can honestly tell you that this is as close to the real track as it gets. Bridgehampton is a technically very difficult track -lots of quirks (in a good way). It offers high speed, technical turns, elevation and road surface changes. Finding the perfect line will take lots of practice and varies significantly from car to car. I just wish more people knew about it and would offer online racing. The potential for slight mistakes makes for some of the most exciting racing you can find on Assetto Corsa.
Nice to hear from someone who actually raced there. Still my all time favorite circuit. I've been lucky enough to have done a few league races at The Bridge and it has always been great to race on. Nice 74 TA by the way.
Best track in game, thanks LilSki!
Really enjoy this track. Well made

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