proTyres Ini & Lut Pack

proTyres Ini & Lut Pack 127

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NOTE, since version 2.x of proTyres these packs are only needed in case of faulty files in the mod, place pack in cars_extra and not in cars_mod.

This is the complete available Ini & Lut packs for mod cars to be used with proTyres, version 1.5.5 and lower.

For more info and download of the app -> proTyres


The individual Ini & Lut pack can be downloaded individually here if you don't want the complete pack or need individual files:
Mod Car tcurve.lut & tyres.ini

The package also include any needed fixes, please note extra info for some cars. Package includes files for 776 cars with a total of 1111 variants.

To install
Unpack all files into your Assetta Corsa main folder (keep the structure in the zip).
(i.e ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa)

Due to 5000 character limit for a post, cars included are now in an separate text file, note that some older mods might need special treatment, see carlist.txt

Latest updates

  1. re-upload of version 127

    Letters in filename for Porsche 996 Biturbo Turbinchen (Alzen) did not change, make sure delete...
  2. Added 1 cars, updated 1 with a total of 3 variants

    Car | Author | Version | Info (if any) Alfa Romeo 8C GT Sport | Velos Mods | (fixed) Porsche 996...
  3. Added 25 cars, updated 1 with a total of 30 variants

    Car | Author | Version | Info (if any) Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione | AC Cars Reworked Alfa Romeo...

Latest reviews

Please if you can make some app like, available in some cars like c7R, 911 rsr on dashboard to indicate when tyres are slipping if possible when brake lockups too. very simply one or two color[tyre slipping blue, if brake lock up available like red] some with few led lights for all cars in ac. Very much appreciated. Thanks
merçi Excellent
awesome , thanks !!
Gracias =) Mas carros ? semanas
Awesome! Worked first time and is foolproof installation! :)
Could you add porsche_919_hybrid_evo_2018 ?
Zwischendurch einfach mal: "Danke, für die viele Mühe!!! Weiter so!!!". Grüsse
Thanks mate, nice job!!!
Gracias =)
These luts makes the cars much more lively and correct feeling. I haven't hardy touched AC in years and now can't drive anything else.
Plus this mod list is fun to look through.
Thank you.
This is very needed things.
Can you add "btcc_bmw_125i_m" from BTCC T7R Mod? Other cars from pack are alredy done.
really great work and service thank you so much
Muchas Gracias =)
thanks for your work, cu on track
Could i have some help? its says here that i need to put a readme into the ac cars file, i found othing, i tried to imperlent the mods in the conventional way but nothing worked
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
Make sure you have install the main app, see link in top of overview tab. Post your problem together with log.txt and py_log.txt using the support tab or by PM and I take a look.
Nice work, thanks!!
Thanks Mate!!
Excellent. Thank you
Works in my case of rare mod car
great work!
also for ACR cars please.
thank you!!!
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
post in support tab or PM link to what cars you thinking of

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Jens Roos
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