proTyres Ini & Lut Pack

proTyres Ini & Lut Pack 112

No permission to download
Could i have some help? its says here that i need to put a readme into the ac cars file, i found othing, i tried to imperlent the mods in the conventional way but nothing worked
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
Make sure you have install the main app, see link in top of overview tab. Post your problem together with log.txt and py_log.txt using the support tab or by PM and I take a look.
Nice work, thanks!!
Thanks Mate!!
Excellent. Thank you
Works in my case of rare mod car
great work!
also for ACR cars please.
thank you!!!
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
post in support tab or PM link to what cars you thinking of
thx again
nice job man, a must have
Thank you for your work, excellent
Excellent. Thank you
Спасибо! За проделанную работу!!!
Thanks for keeping the app updated
Thanks for the update. We really appreciate your time and dedication.
Supereasy for the 5 stars !!! thank's for that dude !
always 5 stars ,easy
Great App. Very usefull.
Awesome List
encore merci
I install the app, but i cannot choose it in game. Also in CM I see that it is activated, but cannot choose the app in game
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
Please use the support tab and I try to help you, attach your log.txt and py_log.txt

Please add:

Absolutely fantastic. This is the best app for AC I've seen yet. A definite must have! So much more information about your tyres which will improve your racing ability more than you would think!
All of your tire information has been amazing. It has helped to improve lap times. Thank you for the effort and skill. I look forward to updates!
Awesome Work, Thank You for keeping it updated and Merry Christmas!!!!!
Great update,thanks !
This work is awesome. -Thank you :)
thank you big work
Great add -on. Thank you for your work !!!
Thanks fot this amazing mod! But i have a small question, why with tcr 2018 is not working? Thanks
Thank you,very Good
Amazing how up-to-date this pack is. Subscribing the updates of this resource ensures that one will be notified of any new car mod releases or updates :)
Got it working, and it's awesome!
I'll be back to change this if I can get it working, but I am never able to. I follow install instructions fine, make sure the plugin is checked in my apps menu, but it never appears in the selection of GUI elements once on the track :-(
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
if you have problems with the app, post you log & py_log in the support tab
Thank for your great work Jens!
Would it be possible to include the ACRL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in your next update? The car can be downloaded from here:

The front tyres are different from the stock Kunos car (lower operating temperature)
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
It's added for the next update, but you can download it now from the google drive (see link in every update info)
Great mod! Very usefull!
Very good, helps a lot!
Just having problems with DRM Porsche 935 K2 and URD Formula Lights.
Jens Roos
Jens Roos
thank you, i'll check the porsche and the urd later tonight
once you understand the install :) its great
Awesome !
Thank you so much for your great and always up to dated apps ! ;-)