1. F

    LUT file for the G29

    Hello! Ever since I've got my wheel I've been having problems with it (connectivity issues, FFB not working in some games, pedal problems), mainly because of Logitech's shitty software. The problem I'm facing is that everytime I try to generate the CSV file in WheelCheck, the first ~10 values...
  2. A

    . 1.0

  3. Kenneth Jurmann

    Is there an general FFB Tool/App

    Hey everyone, sim-wheels often don't come with linear ffb. Some are more "responsive" others are not very "accurate" with their linearity. For years now, we are stuck with what the sim-dev would give us to correct those inaccuracies or design-choices. Some devs give us more values to change...
  4. Jens Roos

    proTyres Ini & Lut Pack 127

    NOTE, since version 2.x of proTyres these packs are only needed in case of faulty files in the mod, place pack in cars_extra and not in cars_mod. This is the complete available Ini & Lut packs for mod cars to be used with proTyres, version 1.5.5 and lower. For more info and download of the...
  5. RasmusP

    RasmusP's LUTs for G27/29 and DFGT 1.2

    Hi! After my G27 Guide seems to help a LOT of drivers to finally get satisfied with their Logitech wheel in Assetto Corsa but most of them preferring my LUT-Configuration, I decided to create a little Guide only with the LUT-Configuration. Easy, simple, quick :) Here is the Link to the full...
  6. CraigD91

    Revert to Default Settings after using LUTgenerator?

    Hey guys, I have a T300 coming tomorrow, so I'm just wondering what I should do to revert to default ffb settings after using wheel check and LUTgenerator. I have a DGFT right now, and while the new LUT feels great, it's obviously not going to work for the T300. To any of you who may have done...
  7. RasmusP

    Guide for G27 (and other wheels) configuration

    EDIT: After almost everyone prefers the LUT-Configuration, I created a Lut-only Thread with all my LUTs attached in a zip-file in the Download-Area here at Racedepartment. Have a look: Hello everyone, I know...